Studying while sitting in the police station, made a place by reducing the weight of 30 kg, now history was created in CWG 2022

India did something in the Commonwealth Games 2022, which had not happened in any of the games before. India won a total of 3 medals in judo this time, one of which was given by Tulika Mann.

Tulika Mann became only the second judoka from India to win a silver medal in the CWG.

Image Credit source: PTI

Everyone works hard, but sometimes luck also needs support. Not everyone gets such support and in such a situation, the way towards your destination becomes more difficult. Many times such obstacles also come in the way, which are not under their own control and there are some which have to be removed from their own path. India’s youth judoka paintbrush One such example is those who have overcome both kinds of difficulties. Commonwealth Games 2022 History has been made in

Tulika won the historic silver

Tulika, the 23-year-old daughter of Delhi Police sub-inspector Amrita Mann, created history at the Birmingham Games on Wednesday, 3 August. Tulika won the silver medal in judo at the Birmingham Games in the weight category above 78 kg. She became only the second Judoka from India to win a silver in Judo. However, this success did not come so easily and for this, apart from the struggle of many years, the struggle of the last one year was the most important.

Not selected, then reduced weight

After his memorable success, the coach of the Indian Judo team told the story behind the selection of paintbrush. He told that a year ago the list of players was prepared and painter’s name was not in it as she was not fit. In such a situation, he had to lose a lot of weight. Talking to news agency PTI, coach Jeevan Sharma said, A year ago, when the potential players were selected, the paintbrush was not among them. His weight was 115 kg then but he reduced it to 85 kg. Right now his weight is 89-90 kg.

SAI-coach’s intervention

Weight was not the only problem, Tulika had emailed the Judo Federation of India regarding her selection for the Games and asked the reason for not getting a place. They did not get any reply on this. english newspaper Indian Express According to a report in the media, Tulika, very disappointed with not being selected, had also made up her mind to leave the game. In such a situation, after the intervention of his coach Yashpal Solanki, SAI and IOA at Bhopal’s SAI Center, the way for his entry was cleared. Tulika herself told about this,

“I faced a lot of problems to make it to the team but then the Sports Authority of India (SAI) intervened. Had I had a chance to practice more in the training camp, the result would have been better.

Father’s death, mother handled, studied in police station

Before all these problems, family problems proved to be the biggest problem in the early stages of his life. When Tulika was just 2 years old, her father passed away. In such a situation, his mother raised her alone. In Delhi Police, Sub Inspector Amrita Mann used to drop her to school and then reach her police station. After school, Tulika used to spend her time in the same place and used to study and play. In such a situation, much of the paintbrush’s time was spent among the policemen. To keep him away from this environment, Tulika’s mother got him involved in a judo coaching class, so that he could spend some time away from the police station. This is where the hobby of Judo started, which then turned into a passion.

not satisfied with silver

The paintbrush has got a good result of the struggles, but she is not satisfied with it. Tulika said, I did not come here for the silver medal. Who knows what will happen the next time I participate in the Commonwealth Games. I have to change the color of the medal. I can’t be satisfied with my performance. I did two fouls without adopting an aggressive attitude and then I started defending them which was not right.