Success Story: Once upon a time, this boy from UP used to clean the airport, now he is the owner of a company worth crores.

Aamir Qutub with his wife

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Aamir Qutub Story in Hindi: Aamir, who hails from Aligarh, UP, has studied MBA. Aamir had applied for jobs in about 300 companies, but he was rejected.

Story of Aamir Qutub: Success story of Amir Qutub, a resident of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh ,Success Story, Inspiring millions of youth. This 33 year old man has done what can only be imagined. Aamir, who once did the cleaning work at the airport of Australia, is the owner of the millionaire company today. More than 100 employees work in his company. His journey to success was not easy. Aamir tells that there was a time when he got job in more than 300 companies. (Job) Got rejection. Let’s take a look at the life of Aamir Qutub.

Aamir, who hails from the small town of Aligarh in UP, has studied MBA. After completing his studies, Aamir went to Australia in search of a job. Like millions of youth, their dream too is a multinational company. (Job in Multi-National Company) I was about to work. On the contrary, he had to face rejections from companies. According to the reports of Daily Mail, Aamir had applied for jobs in about 300 companies, but he was rejected.

Work done at Australia’s airport

Aamir, who reached Australia in search of a job, had to face a lot of troubles. Aamir explains, “It was very scary to go to Australia, because everything was new to me, and my English was not good enough to help me communicate with people. No company even gave me a chance to appear in the interview. Amir says he worked several jobs, including a cleaner, at Avalon Airport in Victoria and spent six months there.

Software project success

Along with doing the cleaning work at the airport in Australia, Aamir did not lose his courage. He also quit his airport job to try to start his own software project after finishing his university career, reports the Daily Mail. He did his internship in tech company ICT Geelong. Within 15 days he was promoted as Operations Manager.

Aamir loved his work. With his hard work, in less than two years, he secured the position of IGM of the same company. Aamir says that, after my appointment to the company, the revenue increased by 300%.

started his own company

While working in a tech company, Aamir decided to start his own company. Amir founded his company Enterprise Monkey Proprietor Limited in 2014 for just $2,000. He advises young entrepreneurs to always think ahead for their goals.