Such a bowling action of an Indian bowler, which is getting a lot of attention, only after seeing the pain in the back – Video

Seeing the action of Maya Sonawane, the memories of former South African spinner Paul Adams were refreshed.

Image Credit source: BCCI

Maya Sonwane of Maharashtra is playing for Supernovas captained by Deepti Sharma in the Women’s T20 Challenge and bowled two overs in her first match.

Lasith Malinga, Sohail Tanveer, Jasprit Bumrah all have one similarity. All these bowlers were successful in making a different identity from the rest of the bowlers due to their completely different kind of bowling action. Whenever it comes to strange action in cricket, his name often comes up. But when it comes to the most surprising action, only one name is taken – Paul Adams. The bowling action of former South African spinner Adams was such, which was not easy for anyone to understand. Seeing the way the left-arm spinner used to turn his whole body forward before bowling, one started feeling pain in his back and waist. Now more than two decades later, a bowler with a similar action has also entered Indian cricket. Name is- Maya Sonwane Bowling Action.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India’s Women’s T20 Challenge tournament started in Pune from Monday. Indian women’s cricket fans were eagerly waiting for this three-team tournament because on the lines of IPL, apart from the Indian women’s team, world’s leading women cricketers have been participating in it. But along with this, there was also a wait to see Maya Sonawane, whose bowling action was discussed for some time.

Pain in the back just after seeing the action

On Tuesday 24 May, there was a match between Supernovas and Velocity in Pune and Maya Sonawane came to bowl from Velocity. In the 11th over of the innings, he got his chance for the first time and the right-arm spinner surprised everyone by bowling with his peculiar action while turning his body completely forward. Sonawane’s action is such that when the ball leaves her hand, her body is seen downwards and her head is turned back, due to which she is not able to see the ball after it is released from her hand. However, despite this, she does not deviate from her line and length.

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action like paul adams

Sonawane’s action brought back memories of former South African left-arm spinner Paul Adams, who had surprised him with his similar action in the late 1990s. The only difference is that unlike Adams, Maya bowls with the right hand. 23-year-old Sonavane is playing in this tournament for the first time and she got only 2 overs to bowl, in which she spent 19 runs. Sonavane is a member of Maharashtra cricket team.