Sugandha Mishra showed her post marriage, see in video how husband started running on signal

Singer and comedian Sugandha Mishra and comedian and actor Sanket Bhosale have recently made seven rounds. Both of them got married on 26 April. Now the photos and videos of the couple’s wedding are increasingly on social media. Both looked very beautiful in their marriage. In such a situation, a video has surfaced which shows how Sugandha is running her husband.

Sugandha and Sanket both have a famous face. Fans of both like it very much. The special thing is that both of them had kept their affair completely secret on social media and announced a direct marriage. Now a special video of both of them is becoming increasingly viral.

Fragrance is giving signal to order

Now, after about a week of marriage, the new bride Sugandha has started showing frown to her groom. These signs of fragrance are a sign of surprise. The matter is not serious, this is a video of a comedy.

Recently, Sanket Bhosale has shared a video on his Instagram, after which people will not be able to stop laughing after watching it. In the video, we can see that Saket is lying on the bed and all the wife Sugandha says good moning, she has a cup of tea in her hand and she asks if she wants to drink tea? What kind of light or strog. Stroke says on it.


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Then what was the fragrance? Hearing this, say, two teaspoons of tea leaf and go pour a little bit of milk at once. Hearing this, the eyes of the signal are torn and torn. In the caption of the video, he wrote – ‘After marriage’.

Fans are enjoying this special video of both of them very much. Both look quite cute in this video. It is also clear that now both the officials together are going to entertain the fans with such videos.

Signal video

Earlier, Sanket Bhosle shared a video on social media, in which he was seen calling Sungdha as Mrs Bhosle. In the video, both are sitting in a car. Sanket calls Sugandha ‘Hello Mrs. Bhosle’ on which she blushes and starts laughing. Only family members attended the wedding of Sanket and Sugandha.

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