Sugar mills have so far exported 58.10 lakh tonnes of sugar in 2021-22: AISTA

58.10 lakh tonnes of sugar exported so far in the season

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Only last month, the government had given an estimate that this year the export of sugar from the country could be 75 lakh tonnes. At the same time, 333 lakh tonnes of sugar production is possible in this season.

sugar mills (Sugar Mills) In the marketing year 2021-22, which started from October 1, so far, 58.10 lakh tonnes of sugar has been exported. The All India Sugar Trade Association (AISTA) said in a statement on Thursday that about six lakh tonnes sugar export ,sugar export) is on the way. The mills have so far contracted to export 74 lakh tonnes of sugar without government subsidy in the marketing year 2021-22, the statement said. The Chinese marketing year runs from October to September. This year sugar is being exported without government subsidy. Due to better prices of sugar across the world, opportunities have been created for the sugar sector of the country. export (export) The sector is trying to reduce the economic pressure on itself.

Benefit from better prices in overseas markets

According to AISTA, sugar mills have exported a total of 58.10 lakh tonnes of sugar from October 2021 to April 7 this year. Of this, 49.60 lakh tonnes have been exported directly by sugar mills and merchant exporters, and 8.50 lakh tonnes have been given to Indian refineries for refining and overseas supply. Expressing concern over the paucity of rail wagons to transport sugar for export purposes, AISTA President Prafulla Vithlani said that Railways is giving priority to movement of wheat, which is affecting the availability of rail wagons for sugar exports and making it difficult for exporters to arrange wagons, he said. is around 19 cents a pound, giving Indian sugar mills an opportunity to absorb excess sugar stock and pay the cane price to farmers. Vithlani said that the government should allow export of maximum sugar after keeping an opening stock of 6 million tonnes for the marketing year 2022-23. During the marketing year 2020-21, the country had exported a record 72.3 lakh tonnes of sugar. Most of the sugar exports were made with the help of government subsidies.

Record sugar export forecast this year

At the same time, the government estimates that this year there may be a record export of sugar from the country. In response to a question given to Parliament last month, the government had estimated that sugar exports are expected to be 7.5 million tonnes in the 2021-22 session (October-September), ISMA estimates that the sugar industry will be expected to grow by the year 2021-22. Should be successful in exporting record 7.5 million tonnes of sugar in the marketing year. ISMA has estimated domestic consumption of sugar at 272 lakh tonnes and production at 333 lakh tonnes.

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