Superstar Singer 2: Captain Salman Ali’s student Mani’s luck, gave his autograph to International Paralympic player Hitesh Ramchandani

Salman Ali’s student Mani’s luck shines

The little contestants of Superstar Singer 2 are able to win the hearts of the audience with their singing. Today’s episode of this singing reality show was named after the superstars of life who never gave up.

The feeling of giving your first autograph is really special. This is proof that you have touched fame and stardom. Every celebrity remembers their first fan and the first autograph that came out of the pen, which becomes their door to stardom. something similar to sony tv Superstar Singer 2 Happened to our little Superstar Mani from Superstar Singer 2 who gave his first autograph to his number one fan Hitesh Ramchandani in the ‘Zindagi Ke Superstars’ special today on Saturday. This moment has become a golden memory for him for a lifetime.

International Paralympic player and motivational speaker Hitesh Ramchandani was seen supporting his favorite contestant Mani on the stage of Superstar Singer 2 on Saturday. During this, Mani along with Captain Salman Ali gave a heartwarming performance on the song ‘Tu Na Jaane Aas Aas Hai Khuda’, demanding his autograph and selfie from Hitesh Mani soon after his scintillating performance. When Hitesh asked Mani for his autograph, he was completely stunned for a moment.

Know what Mani has to say

Giving his first autograph, this little dynamite and his mother’s ‘king son’ Mani said, “I never dreamed that I would sign an autograph for a star. When Hitesh Bhaiya came to me with a nice smile and asked for my autograph, I felt very special. My happiness was in seventh heaven and I will always cherish this moment. This step of Hitesh Bhaiya inspires me to work harder and make the most of this opportunity given by Superstar Singer 2.

Hitesh was seen enjoying the show a lot

Hitesh also requested Judge Himesh Reshammiya to sing and then Himesh came on stage and changed the atmosphere of the show into a concert. Himesh sang one of his most popular songs ‘Tera Suroor’, hearing which everyone started dancing and dancing. Hitesh had a great time on the stage of Superstar Singer 2 with his favorite little contestant, not only did he enjoy the song of all the contestants but he also danced fiercely on a song with host Aditya Narayan and the contestants.