Superstar Singer 2: Emotional Dharmendra, while eating roti with Contestant Mani, remembered the soil of Punjab, said – on the kitchen floor in the village…

Emotional Dharmendra eating roti with Mani

In the episode “Dharam Special” of Superstar Singer 2, all the judges, contestants and captains together sang the song ‘Apne To Apne Hota Hai’ while paying tribute to Bollywood’s legend actor Dharmendra.

Superstar Singer 2, (Superstar Singer 2) has been enthralling the audience with the unmatched voices of India’s youngest singing talents. All these contestants are honing their skills under the guidance of their captains and are giving some great performances week after week. In this week’s episode, all the contestants are ‘Legendary Superstars of Bollywood’.Dharmendra,Dharmendra) and is going to give them a wonderful tribute. In Saturday’s episode, Bollywood’s He-Man Dharmendra graced the show. So in today’s episode Hema Malini and Esha Deol are going to appear in this show.

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Mani got emotional after listening to the song

In yesterday’s episode, Desh ka Raja Betaa and Salman’s Sultans contestant Mani stunned everyone with his soulful performance on the song ‘Apne To Apne Hote Hain’. Hearing this, tears came to everyone’s eyes including special guest Dharam ji. While Dharmendra praised Mani for singing so beautifully, he was also seen talking to Mani in Punjabi and remembering the smell of Punjab’s soil, Dharmendra shared a small meal (ie roti, love) with Mani. and chutney) invited him to the panel of judges.

Know what Dharmendra has to say

Dharmendra said to Mani that, “It has been a long time, did not break bread with any of my friends. And you are from my Punjab and I have got here, so come eat a roti with me. Recalling some of his childhood memories, Dharmendra said, “My heart is still in Sahnewal. I still remember that in the village I used to eat food with my mother, brothers and sisters sitting together on the kitchen floor. Those days were really beautiful and I used to love them. These days it is not as fun to eat while sitting at the dining table as it used to be while sitting on the ground with the family.

Tribute given to Dharmendra

Dharmendra also said, “When I heard about Mani, it reminded me of my childhood days, and so I have brought something for him out of love which has a deep connection with Punjab and that is roti, Pickles and Onions. I want Mani to cut the onion the same way I used to cut it.” Apart from this Dharmendra ji asked Mani to stand beside him and give him a glimpse of his childhood days and asked him to break the onion with his elbow.