Superstar Singer 2: Lata Mangeshkar became emotional after remembering ‘Laughing Noorani’ fame Jeevikala, said- Didi gave this name ..

Senior actress Jeevikala had a special relationship with Lata Mangeshkar since childhood. This actress, who came as a guest on the stage of Superstar Singer, shared a special anecdote related to her name with everyone.

Jeevikala gets emotional remembering Lata Mangeshkar

Talented actress Jeevankala graced the occasion as the special guest in Sony Entertainment Television’s desi kids singing reality show Superstar Singer 2 in the episode ‘Junior Citizen Special’. She gained immense popularity with the 1963 blockbuster song ‘Hansata Hua Noorani Chehra’. was achieved. Jeevan Kala ji, who has danced to many hit songs for more than a decade, danced on this occasion with a lot of heart. His scintillating presence certainly brightened up the atmosphere of the show. On this special occasion, Jeevikala remembered late singer Lata Mangeshkar.

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While enjoying the mesmerizing renditions of these best kids ever, Jeevan Kala was seen getting emotional while reminiscing an interesting reminiscence of how the famous singer late Lata Mangeshkar named her Jeevankala. He credited Lata ji for making his career. Expressing his happiness about this, Jeevan Kala said, “I think I am very lucky. When I started walking at the age of 3, I started dancing. Lata didi used to stay in our building and she always used to visit us.”

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Lata Mangeshkar had named

Further, Jeevankala said that our mothers were firm friends. Lata didi, Asha Tai and Usha Tai used to visit us regularly. During my naming ceremony, Lata didi asked my mother to name me Jeevankala as I was born with her talent. Lata Mangeshkar propelled me forward in every aspect of my career and art. He called me to Bombay and kept me in his house. Lata Mangeshkar was my mentor, and what more can one ask for. God has blessed me with so much energy that I can still dance and I enjoy it.”

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Saisha got blessings

‘Noorani Chehra’ fame Jeevan Kala was seen supporting her favorite contestant ie ‘Little Ajubi’ Saisha Gupta of Superstar Singer 2. Praising Saisha fiercely, Jeevankala ji will be seen presenting her a sash (waistband) which had ‘Miss Noorani Chehra’ written on it. He also gave Saisha the title of ‘Choti Jeevankala’. It was a really special moment for Saisha, which she will always cherish. The celebration got even bigger when Jeevan Kala ji himself enthralled everyone with his beautiful dance moves full of passion while performing on ‘Hansata Hua Noorani Chehra’, and Saisha sang the song for him. His zeal and enthusiasm is truly an inspiration to all that one should never give up on his art and passion.