Sushmita Sen shared throwback video of Sardinia vacation, Lalit Modi said- ‘Looking hot’

Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi are dating each other these days. Recently, many pictures of both of them had surfaced on social media, after which this news came in the headlines.

Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi are dating each other

Image Credit source: Social Media

sushmita sen And Lalit Modi dating each other. Many pictures of both of them have gone viral on social media, in which both were seen being cozy. And now Sushmita Sen has shared a throwback video on her Instagram account, after which Lalit Modi commented on this video saying, ‘You are looking very hot.’ In this video of Sushmita Sen’s Sardinia, she is seen standing near the sea.

Lalit Modi commented on the throwback video

Sushmita Sen shared this throwback video on her Instagram account on the last day i.e. on August 5. Actually, Lalit Modi was holidaying in Maldives and Sardinia with Sushmita Sen. When Sushmita Sen shared her throwback video on her Instagram account on Friday, Lalit Modi could not stop himself from praising her beauty.

While sharing this video of her, Sushmita Sen wrote in its caption that, ‘Align, stop, breathe. A statement of surrender, as I feel embracing the cushions of the Mediterranean Sea.’

Watch this throwback video of Sushmita Sen here-

You are looking hot in Sardinia – Lalit Modi

Appreciating her beauty, Sushmita Sen’s boyfriend Lalit Modi wrote in the comment section that, ‘You are looking hot in Sardinia.’

Lalit Modi Comment

Lalit Modi’s comment

was disclosed by sharing pictures on social media

On July 14, Lalit Modi suddenly shared some pictures with Sushmita Sen on his Instagram account and Twitter account and said that both of them are dating each other. Everyone was shocked as soon as this news came to the fore. Posting a series of pictures, Lalit Modi wrote that, ‘He is dating Sushmita Sen. A new beginning, finally a new life.’

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However, news also started coming that this comment of Lalit Modi means that both are going to get married soon but later Lalit Modi clarified that he is not getting married right now, but yes, both are going to marry each other. Definitely dating. Lalit Modi made it clear that he is now bollywood actress Not marrying Sushmita Sen, but he intends to do so in future.