Sushmita’s brother made serious allegations on Charu Asopa, said – she is using daughter…

Rajeev Sen Reveals: Recently, Rajeev Sen has said a big thing about Charu Asopa. After the news of divorce, Rajeev has said that she is using his daughter.

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen

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Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen ,Rajeev Sen) has been in headlines for a long time regarding his personal relationship. Both remain in discussion regarding their divorce case. Recently a big update has come about these two. In fact, amidst the news of divorce, Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen married Charu Asopa (Charu AsopaA great deal has been said about ). Please tell that Charu has shifted to a different house with her daughter Gianna and now soon both are going to divorce each other.

As it is often seen that Charu is seen on social media to expose the antics of her husband Rajeev. Now once again the couple has come in lime light. But, this time the reason is not Charu but Rajeev. Charu, who had been accusing Rajiv till now, has been leveled serious allegations this time by her husband.

Rajeev-Charu will get divorce soon: reports

Actually, Rajiv has said about Charu that she is using her daughter. According to the reports, both want to divorce each other. Even to get rid of each other, both have prepared divorce papers. Pointing a finger at Charu, Rajeev has put him in the circle of questions. He says that Charu is increasing her views by using Gianna’s name.

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Gave chance to relationship because of daughter: Rajeev

Rajiv has recently shared a video on his Instagram. In which he has said that ‘whenever Charu wakes up in the morning, she first plans what to accuse Rajiv today. To be honest, I was accused but not me, she is using my daughter to increase her views. Before accusing me, he would have thought that I don’t even have my daughter. Because of daughter, I thought of giving a chance to our relationship. Now these allegations of Rajiv are raising many questions on Charu, it will be interesting to see how Charu reacts to these allegations of Rajiv.