Suspicion of Russia- US is making biological weapon for war, America gave this clarification

Russia has claimed that America is making bioweapon to be used in war. The Russian Defense Ministry has said that America has intensified military biological activity. Bioweapons are being made in the laboratories of Ukraine.

There are speculations about Putin’s health again.

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Russia-Ukraine Now Putin in war at any cost America trying to pull. Russia has claimed that America has bio labs in Ukraine and bioweapons are being made on a large scale in them. Russia The Ministry of Defense has even issued a strict warning to America regarding this., Russia has said that making bio weapons near its border means provoking Russia. And he will go to any extent for his national security… After the ultimatum given to America, now the danger of third world war has increased.

Ukraine’s battle field has become a weapon testing ground for the world, and now the danger is that bioweapons can also be used in war. Russia has claimed that America can use bioweapon in war. Russia’s Defense Ministry has said that America has intensified military biological activity. Bioweapons are being made in the laboratories of Ukraine. Russia’s radiation defense chief has raised this issue in the United Nations (UN).U.N.) is raised in. Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov has said that the White House has released a fund of $ 8800 million for Bio Weapon., These bioweapons are being made in the biolab of Ukraine.

Russia raised the issue in UN

Russia demanded an investigation in the United Nations on the matter of bioweapon being made in America’s biolab, but the pro-American European countries France and Britain voted against Russia’s demand. Russia has said that America’s unwillingness to investigate is a sign that efforts are being made to hide the truth about the bioweapon being made in Ukraine’s biolab.

America finally accepted

At the very beginning of the war, Russia had claimed that the biological activity of the American military is already going on in Ukraine. The Biden administration kept denying this, but finally had to accept the truth. On June 8, the Pentagon issued a statement. The Pentagon said that 46 biolabs are being run in Ukraine. This lab has been doing research on the virus for 20 years. But bioweapons are not being made in these labs. Rather, research is being done on the biological safety of Ukraine.

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Bioweapons have been used in the world before

in wars bio weapon It has been used in the past as well and the world has suffered a lot due to it. In the year 1155, the ruler of Barbarossa threw infected corpses in a well in Tortona Italy. Then in the year 1346, the Mongols placed plague-infected corpses on the security walls of the city of Kafa in the Crimean Peninsula. In the year 1495, Spain mixed the blood of leprosy patients in wine bottles and sold them to French enemies. At the same time, in the year 1650, the Polish Army attacked the enemy with the saliva of mad dogs. In 1763, Britain distributed blankets to small pox patients to kill Native Americans. In history, when the virus was used as a weapon. That started the vicious cycle of the pandemic. Humans died in agony, but the way bioweapons were used, the methods were very simple. How explosive and how destructive the virus has been prepared in today’s biolab, and how deadly it will be, no one has the exact information about it.