‘Suspicious package’ found in hotel near G7 summit site, police cordoned off area as a precaution

A ‘Suspicious Package’ has been found in the grounds of a hotel located near the G7 summit site being held in Cornwall, UK. After this the hotel staff and guests have been evacuated. This incident happened just a day before the G7 summit. A few hours before the package was received, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden have arrived in Cornwall to attend the conference.

Devon and Cornwall Police said that Falmouth Hotel staff found a suspicious package on the grounds. After this he called the police, after which the team reached this hotel located in Falmouth at around 3.15 am. Police said in a statement that the area is being safely evacuated as a precautionary measure to maintain public safety. This will affect the Falmouth Hotel, Madeira Hotel and campervans in the area, as well as people living in neighboring areas.

Police engaged in taking stock of the situation

Police said that a 100-meter siege will be done and the Royal Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal has left to reach the spot. At present, the police is present on the spot and the situation is being reviewed. On the other hand, Boris Johnson and Joe Biden have reached Cornwall a few hours before this suspicious packet was found. At present, the security has been further strengthened in the area.

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