Swara Bhaskar Trolled: Swara Bhaskar supported Mahua Moitra, who gave a controversial statement on mother ‘Kali’, a user said – how much money did you get …

Swara Bhaskar supported Mahua Moitra

Swara Bhaskar being trolled is not a new thing. Swara Bhaskar’s reaction to controversies and her tweets always become a topic of discussion on social media.

Controversy queen Swara Bhaskar is often in the news due to her statements, once again she has tweeted something that due to which she once again came into the discussion. He has supported the statement made by Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra on the background of the protest that started on the controversial poster of the film Kali. After advising the right wingers through tweets and supporting Mahua Moitra, now Swara Bhaskar is getting trolled fiercely on social media.

Check out Swara Bhaskar’s tweet here

Know what Swara Bhaskar has written

Through her first tweet, Swara Bhaskar has written to Mahua Moitra that you are a wonderful person and may your voice get the power of the people. In her second tweet, Swara writes that “Dear Hindu right wingers (right wing) and other right wingers who are scared at the moment, if you do not understand the diversity of Hinduism, you can follow the different customs of this religion. And don’t respect traditions, that is, isn’t it an insult to our religion?”

swara bhaskar trolled on twitter

After the tweet of Swara Bhaskar, there has been an uproar on Twitter. Twitter users have outraged their hearts while trolling them fiercely. A user has written while tagging Swara that why are you giving advice only to the people of Hindu religion, your advice to the people of other religions. So the same other user has written that. “Swara has a habit of putting her feet in everything, don’t take her seriously.”

Leena Manimekalai apologizes

Indian-Canadian filmmaker Leena Manimekalai has made a documentary film titled “Kaali”. Ever since the poster of the film Kali has been released, the film has been embroiled in controversies. The film’s poster shows a “goddess Kali” in the role of Kali smoking a cigarette, not only showing a LGBTQ flag in her hand, although Leena Manimekalai has come forward and apologized after seeing the controversy erupting. . The museum where the poster of the film Leena was released has also apologized to everyone.

Know what was Mahua Moitra’s statement

TMC MP Mahua Moitra questioned the controversy related to the poster of “Kaali” and said that I know that black mother who consumes meat and alcohol. I myself worship Kali Maa. I myself worship Kali Maa.” However, people did not like this statement of Mahua Moitra at all and a controversy arose over her statement. However, while clarifying on this matter, he said that everyone has the right to express his opinion here, so I did the same.