Swati Maliwal gave notice, so Mukesh Khanna had to clarify

Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Swati Maliwal has asked to register a case against Mukesh Khanna. Now Mukesh Khanna has presented a clarification.

Mukesh Khanna

Children’s favorite Shaktimaan i.e. actor Mukesh Khanna is now seen getting caught in difficulties. Recently, actor Mukesh Khanna made derogatory remarks about girls. after which Delhi Commission for Women Objecting to his statement, took a tough stand. Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Swati Maliwal has asked to register a case against Mukesh Khanna. Not only this, he has issued a notice to the Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police demanding registration of an FIR against the actor. Describing his statement as derogatory, Swati Maliwal demanded action.

Now Mukesh Khanna clarified

Let us tell you that Mukesh Khanna’s allegedly controversial statement caught fire when he started getting criticism from all around. After that DCW i.e. Delhi Commission for Women gave notice to the police to take action against Mukesh Khanna for this statement. Now after the notice, Mukesh Khanna had to present an explanation. He has shared the post on his Instagram. He wrote in the caption- ‘Social media bizarre world! There are good things to learn. But there are more bad learners than good things. There are no fewer people who can create bad things from good things. I am being trolled by giving a bad color to the message I learned.

Controversy happened over Mukesh Khanna’s video

Let me tell you that recently Actor Mukesh Khanna A video of it became very viral. In this he is seen saying, ‘The girl who is asking a boy to have a physical relationship, she does business. People should not fall into such things. In the video, Mukesh Khanna further says that if a girl says this, it simply means that the girl does not belong to any civilized society, because a girl from a civilized society will not say so. It was too late for his statement that all the users took him on their target. He also received a lot of criticism from all around. After which the Delhi Commission for Women has demanded action against him.