Swayamvar Mika Di Vohti: Divyanka Tripathi’s entry is happening in Mika Singh’s show, brides will be tested as sister of singer

Divyanka Tripathi’s entry is happening in Mika Singh’s show

Viewers are giving a lot of love to Mika’s Swayamvar (Swayamvar Mika Di Voti) show starting on National TV, now it will be interesting to see whether 45-year-old Mika Singh gets his vote through this show or not.

A new show has started on Star Bharat named “Swayamvar – Mika Di Voti” TV actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya with Mika Singh who is known for her strong voice and great songs. ) who will play the role of Mika Singh’s sister in the show and help her find a votti or wife for her brother Mika Singh. yes, by the way Mika Singh (Mika Singh) has many sisters but she lives away from Jodhpur in Delhi and Punjab and hence TV actress Divyanka Tripathi has joined the show as her sister.

Mika’s sister will come in Swayamvar

Talking about the show, Divyanka says, “I am very happy that I am a part of this show, anyway weddings are celebrated like a festival in our place, I have come here to make things more interesting. All the girls who will come in this show will be given a challenge to impress Mika Singh. Whoever will complete this challenge well and Mika Paji will be impressed by him, he will be Mika Di Voti.” Let us tell you, Divyanka has also appeared in many reality shows as a contestant, but this is such a unique reality show, in which she has joined as the groom’s sister for the first time.

Divyanka Tripathi joined the Swayamvar as a sister

Now it will be interesting to see how Divyanka Tripathi helps Mika in choosing his vote. Divyanka’s own marriage also became quite viral on social media. You will be surprised to know that when Divyanka Tripathi herself took a round with Vicky Dahiya, then the fans named their pair as #Divek which was trending on social media for a long time.

Will Mika get a vote?

Talking about Swayamvar – Mika Di Voti, the show had its grand premiere on Sunday 19th June. Since then, Star Bharat this show is on air every week from Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm. Famous singer Shaan has taken the responsibility of hosting this show. About 12 girls from all over India are participating in the show, it will be interesting to see which girl will be Mika Singh’s Votti.