Swayamvar-Mika Di Vohti: Mika Singh revealed in the show, said- ‘Singer Shaan’s mother used to send relationships for his marriage’

Singer Shaan’s entry in Mika Di Voti

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Recently, singer Shaan’s entry was made in Mika Singh’s ‘Swayamvar-Mika Di Vohti’. During this, Mika revealed some interesting anecdotes related to Shaan in the show.

Famous singer Mika Singh’s most popular and much awaited showmika di vote‘ (Swayamvar-Mika Di Vohti) has started making headlines with its debut. The fans of Mika Singh keep getting new and latest updates about the show. Singer will choose his life partner in this show. Recently, the latest episode of the show entertained the audience a lot. Actually, Singer Shaan’s entry was made in the latest episode of Mika Singh’s show. During this, people were also introduced to the deep friendship between Mika Singh and Shaan. At the same time, Mika revealed some such stories related to Shaan which no one knew. So let’s know what is this secret story of Mika Singh?

Singer Shaan and Mika Singh had a lot of fun while making new memories of their friendship in the show ‘Mika Di Voti. At the same time, in the first episode of the show, Mika Singh also shared a small anecdote with his fans. This anecdote is from the time when he made his debut in the industry. At that time the industry and its people were completely new to Mika Singh.

During the show itself, Mika Singh also shared a funny anecdote with the audience, remembering his old days. He told that when his elder brother Daler Mehndi used to perform with singer Shaan, at that time Mika wanted to be photographed with Shaan. Shaan had joined the list of famous singers of the industry in those days. However, now both of them are good friends of each other.

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Shaan’s mother used to send a relationship for Mika Singh

Talking about the bonding of himself and Shaan, Mika Singh shared another anecdote on the stage of his show. Mika told that Shaan’s mother used to send relationships for him often. The reason for this was that Mika used to wish for himself to have a life partner like Shaan’s wife Radhika. And, now that he has decided to settle down with his show, he feels that Shaan’s mother will be proud of him.

Together they are looking for partner for Mika Singh

Let us tell you that after working in the industry for many years, the friendship of Mika Singh and singer Shaan has become very good. Many people in the industry also praise this thing. If reports are to be believed, Shaan has become a part of the show only at the behest of Mika. Now both of them are hosting the show together and are looking for a good life partner for Mika Singh.