Swayamvar Mika Di Voti: Farah Khan reached Mika’s swayamvar as a sister, said- there is no age for marriage

Farah Khan reached Mika’s swayamvar as a sister

In “Swayamvar Mika Di Voti” the contestant girls of the show are given some tasks and whoever will complete all these tasks well and they are given a chance to spend time with Mika.

Star Bharat famous showSwayamvar-Mika Di Vote,Swayamvar Mika Di Vohti) is proving to be very interesting for the audience and the audience is enjoying it a lot. Mika Singh in the show (Mika SinghThere is no dearth of entertainment for the audience in view of the tussle between the contestants who have come to become life partners. At the same time, the contested girls also want to win Mika’s heart by completing every task, as well as many celebrity actors and actresses in the show have come to test these brides, give Mika tips related to marriage and help him in choosing a girl. Soon, in “Swayamvar-Mika Di Voti”, talented director Farah Khan will be seen.

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Farah Khan considers singer Mika Singh as her “brother”. So being a loving sister, she wants to test all the brides of her brother. During this, we will see Farah Khan reciting Tiger Shroff’s “Chhoti Bachi Ho Kya” dialogue to Prantika. Farah Khan says that “Mika is a very sensitive person, only a settled girl can handle him. I think there is no age to get married, you should get married only when you find the right person.”

Know what Farah has to say

Sharing her experience, Farah also said that “I wanted to run away in the first year of my marriage because adjusting is very difficult.” In the coming episodes, we will get to see a very interesting incident where the famous singer Shaan is going to give “Pol Ka Pitara” to Farah Khan. In this box, the contestants have written some revealing facts about each other. There is no doubt that this pole box will increase the curiosity of the audience in the show.

Mika’s girlfriend slapped him

During this, the audience will also see Farah Khan doing some interesting things with the brides of Mika Singh. Many beautiful ladies are already competing to win over famous musician Mika Singh in the show. Many secrets of Mika Singh were also revealed in this show, a contestant girl asked about Mika to tell such a situation of your life, about which no one knows, Mika revealed his ex-girlfriends while answering this. He had said that my third girlfriend had slapped me.

Mika’s bride can be any one of the 12 girls

About 12 girls have come from different cities of the country to become the wife of 43-year-old Mika Singh. Apart from Sonal Tilwani, Prantika Das, Divya from Bihar, Dhvani Vijay Panwar, Chandrani Das, Bushra Sheikh, Ashlesha Rawale from Banaras, there are many other contestants in the show. The host of this show is the famous singer Shaan. In this show also many celebrities Divyanka Tripathi, Raveena Tandon have come to help Mika in the show.