Syed Kiramani said, ‘I was kicked out for no fault of his’

Syed Kiramani: recently wriddhiman saha Has been in the headlines for many reasons. Some time ago Saha gave information about his international career. He said that he was asked to retire. Now after Saha, a similar statement of former India wicket-keeper batsman Syed Kiramani has also come to the fore. He says that injustice was done to him too and no one said anything about it and no one took any action on it.

Syed Kiramani’s allegations

Syed Kiramani, who was part of the team that won India the World Cup in 1983, alleges that when he was at the peak of his career, he was thrown out of the team without giving any reason. Along with this, Syed has also said that injustice was done to him like Wriddhiman Saha. But nothing was talked about this. Syed Kiramani told the Sportskeeda website,

“There is a lot of competition around Saha. All the youngsters are showing good game in IPL and other limited overs matches. Of course he is very sad but every cricketer has to go through ups and downs. We don’t know what the selection committee and team management think about the player. I too have been a victim of injustice but no one talks about it.”

I was kicked out without saying anything

Syed Kiramani

Syed Kiramani has played 88 Tests and 49 ODIs for India. Syed claims that a campaign was launched against him in the media and he also told that false reports were printed against him that he makes mistakes on the field. Kirmani said,

“I do not know. I was at the peak of my career at that time. Still, I was dropped from both the Test and ODI teams without any fault. There was no competition around me. I played 88 Tests and saved the Indian ODI team on several occasions. Do you know that wrong news was published in the newspapers that I was performing poorly. If someone dropped a catch in the slips, they would have printed my photo and made it appear that Kirmani has dropped the catch or missed the stumping.

Syed Kiramani further said, “I have always been a fighter. My own state (Karnataka) had thrown me out of the team when I wanted to make a comeback. So I had to go to the railway team. Then the secretary of the Karnataka State Cricket Association had said that good you are going to the railway. I will also see how you perform. Is that how the World Cup winner is talked about?”