Tata-Bisleri Deal: Things did not work out with Bisleri, Tata got a new idea, made this plan

The most popular brand of packaged drinking water Bisleri’s deal with Tata Group may have failed. But this gave Tata a new idea, due to which the company has now made a new plan for this category of business.

Tata Group’s packaged drinking water brand Tata Copper Plus is worth Rs 400 crore.

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The second name of packaged drinking water in India i.e. Bisleri is not going to go to Tata Group now. The deal between the two companies has now failed. But in this whole process Tata Group has got a new idea. That’s why he has now made a new plan for the bottled water business.

Tata Group says that now the company is going to sell its two popular brands. Tata Copper+ And Himalayan Will focus on making itself big. Tata Consumer Products CEO and Managing Director Sunil D’Souza said that the company has a market share in the energy water segment. Tata Gluco, As is the brand.

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Tata Copper+ is a 400 crore brand

Tata Group’s packaged drinking water brand Tata Copper Plus is worth Rs 400 crore. At the same time, the company’s mineral water brand Himalayan has reached the break even point during the financial year 2021-22. Similarly, the launch of new products in this segment during 2022 has increased 2.5 times as compared to the year 2020.

Tata Group has built its own research and development facility in Mumbai, Bangalore and Sri City to grow the business of food and beverages segment.

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Bisleri deal would have reached 3 years ahead

Sunil D’Souza said that with the acquisition of Bisleri, the food and beverages business of Tata Group could have gone ahead by 3 years in one stroke, but it was a very small part of our big game. Now the company will focus only on its own brands like Tata Copper Plus, Tata Gluco Plus and Himalayan Mineral Water.

Talks for a possible acquisition of Bisleri by the Tata Group broke down last Friday. Ramesh Chauhan had expressed his desire to sell the Bisleri brand to Tata Group in the month of November last year, as his daughter Jayanti Chauhan is less interested in this business. However, on behalf of Jayanti Chauhan, it has been said continuously on social media that there is no unanimity with the father regarding Bisleri.

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Bisleri changes the story of Tata

Tata Consumer Products CEO Sunil D’Souza says that Bisleri is definitely a big brand. With its coming to the Tata group, the growth of the company would have increased, but now this plan is over.

He informed that the company is going to make a new investment in the ready-to-drink business. The company will increase its reach to 70 percent of the market, while setting up new manufacturing units will also work on strengthening the distribution level.