Tata will make Vande Bharat train, not coach, just this one item, deal done for 225 crores

Tata Steel did not get the order to make the coach of Vande Bharat train, but now Tata Steel will work to make seats and internal panels for this high speed train.

Tata gets order to make seats in Vande Bharat, deal done for 225 crores

Tata Group has got the order for Vande Bharat train. But the order has been received not only for making train coaches but also for making seats. Recently, it was claimed in media reports that Railways has ordered Tata Group to make coaches for 22 Vande Bharat trains. Clearing this today, the Tata Group told that they have received orders not only for making coaches but also for making seats and internal panels in trains.

Debashish Bhattacharjee, Vice President of Technology and New Materials at Tata Steel, Tata Group, told that the Railways has placed an order with them for seats and internal panels for Vande Bharat trains. They have not received any order to make railway coaches.

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Deal done for 225 crores

Debashish told that his deal was done with the Railways for Rs 225 crore. As per the order, Tata Steel will supply lightweight seats for 23 coaches and fibre-reinforced polymer composite-internal panels for 16 coaches of the high-speed Vande Bharat train.

He told that the information which was spread by the media in the past is absolutely baseless. We have not received the order to make the coach.

Have already supplied goods for trains

A Tata Steel official told that under the Ministry of Railways, ICF Chennai is working to make these high speed Vande Bharat trains. Tata Steel will supply composite solutions to this integral coach factory through its partner facility.

Let us tell you, Tata Steel has already supplied goods for some trains. The Bangalore-Mysore sector is already using fibre-reinforced polymer composite design seats. Now it will be seen in Vande Bharat train also.