Team India got the replacement of Hardik Pandya

Team India has got the replacement of Hardik Pandya, the strong all-rounder of the Indian team. Or you can say that you can feed him in the team as a substitute for Hardik Pandya. That player has proved his ability in the T20 series played against the West Indies that he can give competition to Hardik Pandya. Because this player gave runs to the Indian team in difficult situations. We are talking about the emerging all-rounder Venkatesh Iyer. Who presented a sample of smoky batting in this series.

Can get a chance in T20 World Cup?

Venkatesh Iyer (Venkatesh Iyer) has impressed a lot with his batting and bowling against the West Indies. After his performance, there is a lot of praise in the cricket world. He has been compared to all-rounder Hardik Pandya. Talking about his performance in this series, Venkatesh Iyer scored an average of 92 in the T20 series and now it seems that he has fixed himself as an all-rounder and finisher for the T20 World Cup 2022. Venkatesh Iyer’s awesomeness seems to be a problem for Hardik Pandya, who is running out of Team India.

There is no doubt that Venkatesh Iyer has an all-rounder in him. In IPL, this player has also proved that he can show a good game with bat and ball. At the same time, he has proved this on many important occasions against the West Indies, if the captain hands him the ball or bat under any circumstances, he will meet that challenge.

Prove himself against West Indies

Venkatesh Iyer

A three match T20 series was played against India and West Indies. In which Venkatesh Iyer played an all-rounder role. In the T20 series, Iyer caught the crease only after the 15th over and he batted freely as soon as he arrived. Iyer scored 24 not out in the first innings, 33 runs in the second innings and 35 not out in the last T20. During this, Iyer’s strike rate was 184, which is really amazing.

Venkatesh Iyer also showed amazing in bowling. Venkatesh Iyer has played only 6 T20 matches so far but in difficult situations he has played like an experienced and seasoned batsman. Venkatesh Iyer’s temper was really amazing. If Hardik Pandya or Ravindra Jadeja is out of the T20 World Cup for some reason, then Venkatesh Iyer can get a chance to play in the T20 World Cup. According to which he is showing performance in T20 format.