Team India is unable to win the World Cup, Ravi Shastri said that Sachin won one in 24 years. ravi shastri big comment on team india sachin tendulkar wtc final

The Indian team has not won any ICCC trophy after the year 2013. Once again he has a chance to become the ICC champion and on this Ravi Shastri has tried to convince the fans by giving the example of Sachin.

Ravi Shastri said – ICC trophy is going to rain!

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New Delhi, Why Indian cricket team could not win any ICC trophy for the last 10 years? This is a question that will be in the mind of every Indian fan. This team has world class batsmen, bowlers and more than one fielders. There are excellent coaches and facilities but despite this, Team India could not win any ICC tournament after the 2013 Champions Trophy. Now Team India has a chance to win the World Test Championship and before its final the former head coach Ravi Shastri Has said a big thing.

Ravi Shastri said that even though Team India has not won the ICC tournament for the last 10 years, but when this team starts winning, it will rain like ICC trophy. In a special conversation with YouTube channel Sports Yaari, Shastri said that Team India is continuously performing well. She is constantly reaching the finals or semi-finals. When she starts winning, it will rain titles. Ravi Shastri also gave the example of Sachin and Messi on the matter of Team India not winning the ICC trophy.

‘Sachin won a World Cup in 24 years’

Ravi Shastri said that Sachin Tendulkar played 6 World Cups in 24 years but won only one. That too Sachin won the last World Cup of his career. Shastri also cited the example of Lionel Messi. Shastri said that despite playing for so long, Messi did not win the World Cup, but when he started winning, he won the Copa America, became the world champion. Exactly the same will happen with Team India.

What has Team India lost in 10 years?

Let us tell you that it is also necessary to raise questions on Team India because this team has won 8 ICC tournaments after winning the 2013 Champions Trophy. Lost in the final of T20 World Cup 2014, this team lost in the semi-finals of 2015 World Cup. The semi-finals of the 2016 T20 World Cup also came out of Team India’s hands. Also lost the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy. Team India lost again in the semi-finals during the 2019 World Cup. Team India was eliminated from the very first round of the 2021 T20 World Cup. Team India in 2021 world test championship lost the final of The Indian team also lost in the semi-finals of the 2022 T20 World Cup.