Team India’s 3 players, who consider themselves bigger than the game

Two teams of Indian cricket are currently on different tours. In the absence of players like Kohli, Rohit, Team India has reached Sri Lanka tour. A three-match ODI series is being played between the two countries here. The Indian team has won the series by 2-0, so there is one match left. After this a three-match T20 series will also be played.

At this time new players and senior players are also sweating hard to win. On the basis of which they are also succeeding. But, there are many players in the Indian team who often give importance to their own decisions more than cricket. The result of which is also visible on his game. In this special report we are going to talk about 3 such players…

1. Harbhajan Singh

In this list, we will be the first to follow Team India’s legendary spinner Harbhajan Singh, who is seen playing only in IPL. Bhajji, who has turned 41, also stays away from domestic cricket. The last time he played domestic cricket was in the year 2017. Since then, he has been walking on his charges.

Not only this, in IPL too, he often likes to play without practice. Perhaps this is the reason, he is seen joining the franchise camp too late. In such a situation, it can be said that, somewhere, he is proud that he will perform better without sweating in the practice match. But, its effect is clearly visible on his game.

This time (2021) Chennai Super Kings released him from his team. After which Kolkata included him in his team at a base price of 2 crores. However, he could not take much advantage of getting a chance in the playing 11 of the first leg of IPL from KKR. That’s why his thinking that, without practice, he will achieve the rhythm, then this strategy is a complete flop.

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