Team order will change from toss, something big is going to happen in IPL 2023. new rules that will change the scenario in ipl 2023 playing 11 after toss impact player drs

Some new rules will be applicable in IPL-2023 and with the introduction of these rules, big changes will be seen. These rules will come into effect from the first match of the season between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans.

The new rules will come into force from the first match of IPL-2023 itself.

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New Delhi: Indian Premier League is about to come. The excitement of IPL will rise again. The whole cricket world will be immersed in this ocean of cricket for almost two months. IPL-2023 Will start from 31st March. But this time this league must have changed. These changes will not be minor. Rather, they will be such that the map of the match can be overturned. A won bet can be lost. Some such rules have been brought in IPL this time which can prove to be a big change. Which is quite different from traditional cricket and his arrival will bring relief to the team. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that something big is going to happen in IPL-2023.

In the first match of IPL-2023, the current winner Gujarat Titans will face Chennai Super Kings. From this match, some new rules will be implemented in IPL. Rules that will change the way teams think. Will give strength to the teams and these rules also have the power to reverse the result of the match.

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Playing-11 after the toss

The biggest change in this IPL is that now both the teams can choose playing-11 after the toss. Till now both the teams had to choose the playing-11 before the toss and had to give it to the match referee, but from now on after the toss both the teams will choose the playing-11. That is, keeping in mind the condition of bowling first, the captain will choose in the playing-11 and in case of batting first, he will also choose his own playing-11 and then considering what will happen in the toss, the playing-11 will be given to the referee. Toss was considered very important in IPL, but after the introduction of this rule, the importance of toss will be reduced considerably. IPL is the second league in which this rule will be implemented. Earlier, this rule was implemented in the recently played T20 league in South Africa.

No ball, DRS on wide ball

DRS is also used in IPL. Till now teams used to take DRS to get wickets or save wickets, but in IPL-2023, now teams can take DRS for no ball and wide ball as well. This rule was recently implemented by BCCI in Women’s Premier League. . If the batting or bowling team has any objection to the umpire giving or not giving wide/no ball, then they can use DRS.

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impact player

Another rule named Impact Player IPL-2023 will appear in Under this rule, both the teams will announce their four substitute players and can use these players in the middle of the match. Teams can bring on an impact player at the start of the innings, at the end of an over, or at the fall of a wicket. On the other hand, if the bowling team brings the impact player during the over, then this player will not be able to bowl the remaining balls of the over. There is a rule in IPL that there will be only four foreign players in the playing-11. In such a situation, the impact player will be an Indian player only. But if there are three or less foreign players in the playing-11, then the impact player can also be a foreign player.