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Teaser uploaded on YouTube!

Soon after PUBG Mobile was banned in September 2020, Krafton, the parent company of PUBG, withdrew all responsibility for the India operation from Tencent, the publisher of the mobile version, and since then Krafton has been struggling to bring the popular game back to India. Now, it appears from a claim that PUBG Mobile is ready to comeback. He was reportedly removed shortly after uploading several official teasers on YouTube, although several smart Twitter users have shared screenshots of them. The screenshot appears to be written as PUBG Mobile India, a game that Krafton announced a few months after PUBG Mobile was banned.

PUBG Mobile reportedly uploaded multiple teasers on its YouTube account, which were later removed. However, before being removed many people took the teaser Screenshot Laker shared them on Twitter. Twitter users receive screenshots of YouTube upload notifications on mobile Shared, Featuring three trailers with the title ‘All New PUBG MOBILE Coming to India’. However, the thumbnails of these notifications appear to be similar to the current teasers of the game, which the company released in November last year. Compilation of these existing teasers Here can see.

PUBG Mobile India announced PUBG Mobile India in November last year, since which the company has not been issuing any statement regarding the release of the game nor has the information about the launch of this game been shared. The company made this game in November Website Also released, but no information has been shared about the game or launch in that website yet. No specific information is seen in the screenshots of the new teasers removed. It is also possible that all these videos are old videos uploaded by mistake and the company removed them soon after the mistake was realized.

At the time of the announcement, Krafton stated that the game is designed for Khas India. It will be slightly different from the global version and will have a tempering of Indian elements. The game will be a virtual simulation training ground and characters will come with clothing. Apart from this, there will be green effect instead of red effect when shot, like we have also seen in the Chinese version Game for Peace. It will also set a time limit to take care of the health of the players.<!–


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