Tennis player dies after being hit by Tarisai Musakanda’s car

Zimbabwe Cricket Team batsman Tarisai Musakanda is seen getting caught in a big problem. In fact, in the capital Harare, a person had an accident with his car, whom he took to the hospital but could not save it. In this case, now with the police action against him, there can be a court appearance. It is being told that he has not informed the police about this matter in the stipulated time. He is also facing charges of culpable homicide.

Tennis player was hit

This incident happened with Tarisai Musakanda on the night of 16 January last month. Musakanda was traveling in his car in Harare. Then a person in his car had an accident. The name of this person is being told as Guinnyaee Chingoka, who is a tennis player and has represented Zimbabwe in Davis Cup.

He was 38 years old. The website ESPNcricinfo quoted The Herald as saying that Chingoka suffered multiple fractures in his left leg and elbow and died in hospital on January 27.

Already caught in controversies

Tarisai Musakanda

Tarisai Musakanda took that person to the hospital at that time but, according to the rules, did not inform the police about this within 24 hours. He told this news to the police, 1 day after his death. However, this is not the first time that Musakanda has been in trouble for driving a car.

Earlier in January 2020, he returned from Australia. His club team New City Cricket Club had sacked him for driving under the influence of alcohol. The 27-year-old batsman has so far represented Zimbabwe in 5 Tests, 15 ODIs and 12 T20Is.