Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na: TV actress Anjali Tatrari seen in double role, new twist will come in the show soon

TV actress Anjali Tatrari has got a chance to play a challenging character at the very beginning of her career. This is the reason why Anjali is very happy as an actress.

Anjali Tatrari Double Roll

Zee TV’s show ‘Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na’ has kept the audience hooked since its inception. In the coming episodes, we will see that Anjali Tatrari will not only be seen in the role of Krisha but also in the role of Maya. Yes, this actress will be seen in a double role further in the story. While the story shows some glimpses of flashbacks that unravel the mystery of the Raj Mahal of Ambikapur, with time we will also get to know how Maya and Krisha looked alike, but their natures were very different from each other. Huh.

Maya and Krisha’s looks and styles are also very unique and in such a situation, the challenge of getting into these two characters and presenting every detail with complete clarity has made Anjali happy. She is enjoying the challenge of her first double role. Anjali says, “At the moment, a big difference is being shown between Devraj and Krisha in the ongoing track. In this track, Maya has also appeared, who is Devraj’s first wife and looks exactly like her.

Interesting mode will come in the show

Anjali further says that “This gave me the opportunity to play a double role for the first time and when the makers of this show narrated the script to me, that was one of my reasons for doing this show. The challenge of playing two characters is very exciting for me and I knew I had to do this role.”

Anjali will be seen in double role

Actress Anjali, who plays a double role, says, “While Maya’s track is starting, we are continuously shooting sequence after sequence. I am playing the role of Krisha in one sequence and Maya in the other. There are times when I do a serious and crying sequence as Krisha and then I get into the classy avatar of Maya. I really like these changes of characters. While Krisha is an innocent character who will adapt to any situation, Maya is a determined girl who will do what she feels is right, no matter what the situation. Their looks are also different from each other. Her hair and makeup are also quite different.

Disha and Maya are working hard

While Anjali is working hard to get into the characters of Disha and Maya, it will also be interesting to see what secrets Krisha unveils in the story. Will there be happiness ahead for Krisha? Or will he have to take charge of the situation and move on? It will be interesting to see.

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