Tesla will accept Dogecoin as payment at its Supercharger stations

Tesla will soon start accepting Dogecoin as a form of payment at its supercharging stations located in Santa Monica, California, US. The company’s CEO Elon Musk himself has given this information through a tweet. After this tweet, there was also a slight increase in the price of Dodgecoin, one of the most popular meme coins. However, Musk did not specify for what service customers can use the meme-based cryptocurrency. Some are speculating that Tesla’s Supercharger stations will accept DOGE, while others have speculated that Dodge will be accepted at upscale diners and drive-in theaters.

Ryan Zohoury, the founder of the Tesla Console App Store, confirmed with a tweet that Supercharging stations located in Santa Monica were completely flooded with customers shortly after this tweet by Elon Musk accepting Dogecoin.

In December 2021, Tesla began trials of DodgeCoin payments by selling some of its merchandise in exchange for cryptocurrency. Now, it appears that SpaceX also DOGE Trialing Payments, Because FX Empire’s One Report According to Dogecoin was spotted in SpaceX’s source code earlier this week. In addition, Musk himself recently hinted that both Starlink and SpaceX may start accepting DodgeCoin as payment in the future.

Meanwhile, Dodgecoin’s unknown founder Shibetoshi Nakamoto has spoken about has expressed displeasure That people are indirectly asking them to increase the value of this cryptocurrency to one dollar. Nakamoto said that some supporters have indirectly asked him to increase the price of a unit of DOGE to $1 (about Rs 75) by burning the supply of Dogecoin and limiting the total number of production.<!–