Testing of the rocket that sent humans to the moon completed, did NASA fail again?

The US space agency NASA once again wants to land humans on the moon. For this he has prepared the Artemis mission. The most powerful rocket ‘Space Launch System’ (SLS) has been prepared for the mission. Two months ago i.e. in April, the space agency had passed this rocket through the process of weight dress rehearsal. In this process the rocket is tested. However, due to technical glitches, the weight dress rehearsal could not be completed. Now for the fourth time, the weight dress rehearsal is being done, but it seems that the space agency has not been successful in its objective.

the eurasiantimes wrote It is reported that the SLS rocket was fueled for the first time on the morning of 20 June. However, the team detected a hydrogen leak and it is said that the pre-launch test of the Artemis mission did not achieve its objective. A pre-launch test or wet dress rehearsal is an essential process for the mission to be approved.

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