That 2-second miracle of Dhoni, after which the world saluted him, when Mahi became a great man! , ms dhoni run out against bangladesh on this day t20 world cup 2016 video

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not only a great captain but also a top class athlete. On this day, 7 years ago, this player had scored such a run out against Bangladesh, after which the whole world bowed down before him.

MS Dhoni showed his running prowess on this day

Image Credit source: AFP

New Delhi, MS Dhoni…the world salutes this name. The reason for this is not only his batting, wicketkeeping and captaincy. The amazing speed of this player is also a big reason for this. Just 7 years back from today, Dhoni had shown the same speed. This player won the match against Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup on the basis of his speed to Team India. Dhoni He had run out the Bangladeshi player by running, on the basis of which Team India won the lost match.

Let us tell you what actually happened in this match. The match was of Super 10, India batting first scored only 146 runs. Bangladesh, while batting brilliantly, brought themselves to the threshold of victory. Bangladesh needed 11 runs in the last over. Dhoni gave the last over to Hardik Pandya. Pandya gave 9 runs in the first three balls only. But after this, Bangladeshi batsmen Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah were dismissed on the fourth and fifth balls.

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Now Bangladesh had to score 2 runs on the last ball and Shougat Home was in front. Pandya bowled him a bouncer and the ball went straight to Dhoni. During this, Mushfiqur Rahim standing at the other end tried to steal a bye but Dhoni ran fast and blew the stumps and India won.

Dhoni’s 2 second miracle

As soon as Dhoni got this run out, after that he became famous all over the world. He was compared to the legendary Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, who is the fastest man in the world. Dhoni actually did this run out in just 2 seconds. Dhoni covered a distance of 13 meters in 2 seconds.

Dhoni runs faster than Usain Bolt?

Such things also started happening that the speed of MS Dhoni is more than Usain Bolt. The logic behind this was also amazing. Actually, Dhoni had crossed the 20 meter pitch in 2.7 seconds while running with pads in a match, while Usain Bolt takes 2.89 seconds to complete the first 20 meters. Although the comparison between Dhoni and Usain Bolt is not correct, but still one thing has to be accepted that Dhoni is the fastest man in the world. cricketer Must have been. The proof of which he had given against Bangladesh 7 years back on this day.

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