The alleged ‘kidnapping’ of fugitive Mehul Choksi reached Britain, complaint filed against four people including Zarabika

The flames of fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi’s disappearance from his safe ‘hideaway’ Antigua and Barbuda and then being arrested in Dominica has now reached Britain. The Choksi family’s legal advisory group ‘Justice Abroad’ filed a case of kidnapping of Choksi against four British nationals in the War Crimes Unit of the British Police on June 7. At the same time, on June 8, Scotland Yard appointed an officer to investigate the matter.

the week According to the report, Choksi’s legal team said that Babara Jarabika (Hungarian citizen and UK resident), Gurdeep Bath (Citizen of St Kitts and Nevis and resident of UK), Gurjit Singh Bhandal (British citizen and resident of UK) And Gurmeet Singh (Indian citizen and resident of UK) kidnapped Choksi. After this, he was beaten up and then taken to Dominica after sitting on a boat. During this, he was given electric shock and threatened to kill him with a knife.

People who commit crimes abroad also get punishment in the country

Under Britain’s ‘universal jurisdiction law’, a person who has committed a serious crime abroad can also be apprehended and prosecuted in the UK. After the names of these four came out, the investigation has started. If they are found guilty after interrogation of these people, then the accused will have to face strict action. On the other hand, Gurdeep Bath may get diplomatic security. In this way, the investigation of the case of these four people has become a matter of discussion.

Interpol’s red notice continues against Choksi

Mehul Choksi took citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in November 2017 through the investment program. The next year, Choksi was accused of cheating Punjab National Bank to the tune of more than Rs 13,000 crore. After this, Choksi fled to Antigua in January 2018. Then this case of fraud was reported to Interpol, which issued a red notice for the arrest of the fugitive. However, being a citizen of Antigua, Choksi continued to get relief.

Hearing on the bail plea of ​​the fugitive adjourned

At the same time, he has been in jail since his arrest in Dominica. During this, he also approached the Dominica High Court for bail. The High Court adjourned the hearing on Choksi’s bail plea till June 11. Choksi had approached the High Court after the bail plea was rejected in the magistrate’s court. At the same time, after the adjournment of the hearing on the bail petition, the fugitive businessman will have to spend a few more days in jail.

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