The ball did not hit and the stumps were shattered, the player was out, this is the most ‘unlucky’ batsman of IPL 2022

Sai Sudarshan was batting well, but after his wicket, Gujarat soon lost the captain’s wicket as well.

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With the dismissal of this batsman, the fate of Gujarat Titans (GT) also appeared to be leaving him and Hardik Pandya’s team, which won many close matches, lost in the last over against Mumbai Indians (MI).

If any team was considered to be the luckiest in IPL 2022, then it is the new team of the league, Gujarat Titans. (Gujarat Titans), In his first season, Hardik Pandya is captaining for the first time (Hardik Pandya) This team, under the leadership of and being considered very weak from the point of view of auction, after the start of the tournament, full of veterans and experienced teams got a lot of dust. Often on many occasions, the team came out of a losing position in close matches and registered victory. In such a situation, it was believed that this team is lucky, but now it seems that luck is getting away. one team Mumbai Indians (Mumbai Indians) Being in a win-win situation against Second, the most unlucky batsman of this season has also come out of Gujarat.

Unlucky because this batsman got out in the most unique way this season. There was nothing very special in the ball, nor was this batsman playing poorly or in a bad rhythm. Rather, the ball was a normal bouncer and the batsman was also in good form for the last few matches. Rather, in the last match, he scored a brilliant half-century. This batsman is Sai Sudarshan of Gujarat Titans. The young left-handed batsman was trying to take his team to victory against Mumbai Indians when luck left him.

Sudarshan got cheated of luck

This is from the 16th over of Gujarat’s innings, while they needed 40 runs in 25 balls to win and only 2 wickets had fallen. That is, they could be easily achieved. Slower bowler Coyer Pollard was bowling for Mumbai. Pollard kept the short pitch for the last ball of the over. There was good bounce in the ball and Sudarshan made a pull shot to play this bouncer. He did not succeed in this and the ball went to the wicketkeeper without touching the bat.

Now there was a bouncer, so there was no question of hitting the stumps, but the very next second showed that the stumps were scattered. This is where luck played a bad game with Sudarshan. After missing his shot, Sudarshan was balancing and was also successful in it, but he could not stop his bat and slowly his bat hit the stumps. The red light lit up and the streets were on the ground. Sai Sudarshan (14 runs, 11 balls) hit wicket out.

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By the way, hit-wicket is not a new or unusual case in cricket. Many batsmen have been getting out like this, but such a situation is not seen every day. This was also the first time in the current season of IPL when a batsman was hit wicket out. From here the luck of Gujarat went away from him, because after a few balls, captain Hardik Pandya was also run out. Then only 9 runs were needed in the last over, then Rahul Tewatia was run out and David Miller could not get a single boundary.