The batsman punched his partner in the face, what happened while playing the match? VIDEO

In the match of European cricket, the batsman punched the player batting with him in the face, whose video is becoming very viral.

another video of european cricket goes viral

In cricket matches, you must have generally seen that batsmen often celebrate a big shot. Everyone has a different style. However, in European cricket recently, a batsman celebrated something like this with his partner, which you will be surprised to see. Seeing the video, every player will pray that his partner should not be like this. This video of European cricket is becoming quite viral on social media.

Batsman punches fellow player in the face

The video of the European Cricket Championship 2022 match is viral in which the batsman standing on the strike hit a mighty six. After this, his partner standing in front came and did a fist pump to celebrate the shot. However, his punch was so strong that it hit the batsman’s hand and hit the mouth. The batsman’s whole mouth shook and he started moaning in pain. Whereas the non-striker bowler did not even realize it and turned to the other side. Fans found this video very funny. Especially the enthusiasm of the batsman standing at the non-striker end. This video is becoming quite viral on social media.

There have been many occasions in European cricket in the past where such funny and funny incidents have been seen. Some time ago another video went viral in which players took three runs on a ball due to poor fielding.

Another such video was shared by European Cricket, in which the batsman’s bat broke while playing and he ran to take runs with only the handle of the bat. On the other hand, he kept on laughing after seeing the handle of the bat for a long time. This video also became quite viral.