The batsman threw the bat in anger, tossed the helmet as well, the fellow players came to fight, the match created ruckus: Video | Tasmanian cricketer lost his cool after getting out Mankad and launched his bat helmet in the air

Australian players are often known for their temper, something similar happened during a club match. The batsman threw his bat in anger after being run out at the non-strike end.

Why did the Tasmanian player flare up? (representative picture)

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New Delhi, There is often a ruckus on the cricket field over a single wicket. Players often look unhappy after the fall of their wicket, and then in anger, they do such an act, after which they have to face heavy fines. the sort of Australia K happened during a cricket match in Tasmania. The competition was taking place between Claremont and New Norfolk. During this, a batsman was run out on the non-strike end. After which he lost his temper. He threw his helmet and gloves in anger. Along with this, he also threw his bat in the air and threw it away.

Actually this was the final match and Claremont batsman Jarrod was run out by bowler Harry Booth at the non-strike end. Jarrod had gone out of the crease even before the bowler bowled the ball and Harry Booth dropped his bails. According to the rules, the umpire gave him out and after that this batsman flared up.

fellow players also came to fight in the field

When this batsman was returning to the pavilion in anger, some of his players entered the field. He entered the field to argue with the umpire. The game had to be stopped for a while. Clarimont had to face defeat in the end in this match and New Norfolk won the SCA Grand Final.

New Norfolk Bunny Champion

New Norfolk had scored 263 runs while batting first, in reply Claremont’s team was bundled out for 214 runs. For New Norfolk, vice-captain Harry Booth scored 63 runs in 84 balls. Jason Rigby scored a quickfire 67 runs. Thomas Briscoe scored an unbeaten 37 in 22 balls. Rick Martin scored 70 runs for Clarimont. At the same time, Gerrod K, who was run out on non-strike, scored an inning of 43 runs. he stayed at the crease and so run out He flared up only after it happened. Although there was no fault of the bowler in this, he dismissed the batsman following the rules.