The British government imposed a ban on the export of 18th century Mughal daggers and sheaths, first the people of Britain would be given a chance to buy

The British government intervened and put a temporary ban on the export of daggers and sheaths manufactured during the Mughal period in the 18th century. The government has taken this step to give a chance to British institutions or buyers of this rare artwork worth 1 million pounds. This dagger belongs to Robert Clive, who played a key role in the early stages of British colonization in India, and obtained it during his stay in India.

It is believed that Klav got this dagger after his Bengal conquest on behalf of the East India Company in the Battle of Plassey in 1757. Britain’s Culture Minister Caronine Dinage said, “This beautiful Mughal-era dagger and sheath teaches a lot to India and Britain and explains the nature of diplomatic gifts at the time.” I hope it will find a buyer so that it can be studied for years to come.

Around Rs 11.3 crore worth

Experts said that this dagger and sheath cost 11,20,000 pounds (about Rs 11.3 crore) and its hilt is green in color with precious stones while the Indian steel of the dagger is the finest. At the same time, the sheath is made of wood with silky edging dating back to 1650. Iranian influence is visible on this.

Let us tell you that Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday appealed to people to strictly follow virus prevention rules amid the official end of the Kovid-19 lockdown in England. Along with this, Johnson himself has also gone into self-isolation due to coming in contact with Health Minister Sajid Javid, who was found infected with the coronavirus.

Britain completely lockdown free

The British PM also warned the public about the delta variant of Kovid being highly contagious, due to which the rate of infection in the country remains high. The government has completely lifted the restrictions related to Kovid-19 as the fourth and final step to end the lockdown. Instead, the emphasis has been on people taking individual decisions to avoid the crowd and protect themselves from Kovid, including wearing masks.

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