The central government gave good news to these employees, even if they are not able to go to work in lockdown, they will get full salary

Due to the lockdown, the work including the economy has also been affected. Many employees have not been able to go to work due to the imposition of lockdown in place. In such a situation, they are afraid of deducting their salary, but the central government has given them relief. Under the new rule of the government, full salary will be given to all contractual, casual and outsourced staff.

According to the government, the employees who are on contract, but due to the lockdown have not been able to come out of their homes from April 1 to the end of June and have not been able to go to work. They don’t need to worry. The government will give them full salary. Due to this they will not have to face financial problems.

It has been said in the office memorandum that during the second wave of Kovid-19, a large number of people have been affected in the country. Due to this many such contractual, casual and outsourced employees like housekeeping staff etc. have been forced to stay at home due to various reasons. Such people do not need to worry due to salary deduction, they will be considered on duty. This decision has been taken to save the temporary employees from the difficulties of the present times.

dearness allowance will increase

The government is going to give increased dearness allowance to the central employees from July 1. Provident fund contribution, gratuity contribution for central employees will also increase due to increase in dearness allowance. Talking about the Provident Fund, the monthly basic salary and dearness allowance of an employee is 12 percent. In this, if the share of Dearness Allowance increases, then the PF contribution will also increase. This means retirement funds will increase.

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