The condition of power companies is bad, 2.5 lakh crores is left on the states, PM Modi appeals for payment

PM Modi told the states that the condition of companies in the power sector is bad. In such a situation, their dues of 2.5 lakh crores should be paid soon.

Energy and power sectors have to play a big role in accelerating the progress of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi power companies ,Power companiesUrging the states to pay the dues of about Rs 2.5 lakh crore), said on Saturday that it is necessary to strengthen the energy sector, which plays an important role in the progress of the country. The Prime Minister said in a program that the energy and power sectors have to play a big role in accelerating the progress of the country in the next 25 years. He said, the strengthening of the energy sector is necessary for ease of doing business as well as for ease of living.

Referring to the challenges faced by the companies in the power generation and distribution sector at the concluding ceremony of the ‘Ujwal India Bright Future’ programme, the Prime Minister said that a large amount of them is outstanding with the states. He asked the states to clear this outstanding amount at the earliest. He said, this is not an issue of politics but an issue related to national policy and nation-building. Electricity is essential for the development of the country.

60 thousand crore dues of discom

He said that many states owe more than one lakh crore rupees to these power companies. Apart from this, the liability of various government departments and local bodies on these power distribution companies is more than Rs 60,000 crore. The Prime Minister said that the state governments have not yet fulfilled their subsidy commitment of Rs 75,000 crore to power companies. This subsidy amount is to be given in lieu of subsidized electricity given to the consumers by the states.

There is no power shortage now

The Prime Minister said that the loss of power distribution companies in India is in double digits while in developed countries it is in unit digits. He said that the era of power shortage has become a thing of the past and an additional capacity of about 1.70 lakh MW has been created in the last eight years.

Saubhagya scheme has been very successful

He said, in today’s time ‘One Nation One Power Grid’ has become the strength of the country. About 1.70 lakh circuit kilometer long transmission lines have been laid for power supply across the country. Apart from this, about three crore electricity connections have been given under the Saubhagya scheme. Describing the importance of power and energy sectors in the progress of the country, he said that India is one of the four-five leading countries in the world in terms of installed capacity of solar energy. Apart from this, some of the world’s largest solar power plants have also been established in India.

5200 crore green energy project started

He also laid the foundation stone of several green energy projects worth Rs 5,200 crore on the occasion. A 735 MW solar project will be set up at Nokh in Rajasthan, while green hydrogen projects will be set up in Leh and Gujarat. He also inaugurated 100 MW capacity floating solar project at Ramagundam in Telangana and 92 MW capacity floating solar project at Kayamkulam in Kerala.

Solar rooftop portal launched

The Prime Minister also launched the National Solar Rooftop Portal which will help in installing solar units on the roofs of residential buildings. Apart from this, he also introduced ‘Renewed Distribution Area Scheme’ in which emphasis will be given to increase the operational efficiency and financial affordability of the distribution companies. Three lakh crore rupees have been allocated under this scheme for five years.

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