The country’s largest state is full of foreign investment, these big companies including Microsoft are investing 66 thousand crores

On the basis of policies that provide facilities to entrepreneurs, the UP government is now being successful in setting up enterprises of big investors not only in the country but also from abroad. During the Corona crisis, when the pace of economic activity was sluggish in every state, even during that time many investors here showed interest in setting up their own enterprise. According to the data of the Industrial Development Department, 40 foreign investors have given investment proposals worth Rs 16,732 crore to the state government in the last one year. Due to the steps taken by the government to promote industrial investment in the state, UP has become a favorite state for investors from across the country and abroad. The government of the same state is also showing speed at every level to take the investment proposals received by the state on the ground.

State government spokesperson said that during the Corona crisis, 96 investment proposals from domestic and foreign investors worth Rs 66 thousand crore have been received in UP from March 2020 to May 2021. Of these 96 investment proposals, 40 are from foreign investors. Out of these 40 proposals, 22 investment proposals are more than Rs 100 crore. An investment of Rs 16,732 crore is to be made in the state through these investment proposals. Taking quick action on these investment proposals from the government level, providing them land has been completed, now soon the construction work of these foreign investors’ enterprises will start.

Millions of people will get employment

Apart from this, the officials of the state are in touch with foreign investors to establish 13 investment proposals in UP, so that their problems can be resolved. Lakhs of people will get employment directly and indirectly when production starts in these companies which have come forward to invest in the state. A shoe maker from China has even started production in Agra. This company is investing three hundred crore rupees in Agra.

Investments from Japan, Canada, Hong Kong everywhere

According to officials of the Industrial Development Department, seven companies from Japan, two from Canada, four from Germany, one from Hong Kong, two from Singapore, three from UK, five from US and four from Korea are investing in the state. Among them are world famous companies like Microsoft and Aika. Microsoft is investing Rs 1800 crore in setting up a software park in the state. All foreign companies and investors wishing to invest in the state are being provided according to their interest.

More than 900 plants allotted in districts like Noida, Jewar

Most of the foreign investors are taking interest in setting up ventures in places like Noida, Greater Noida, Jewar, Agra etc. Officials also say that more than 900 plots have been allotted to domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to promote industrial investment in the state.

Big investment in medical sector too

Apart from this, a 350-acre dedicated medical device park is proposed in Sector 28 along the Yamuna Expressway, for which an MoU has been signed with Kalam Institute of Health Technology to prepare a detailed project report. In the midst of such efforts, the Chief Minister has directed the officers to contact the investors and solve their problems in order to take the investment related proposals on the ground. In order to promote industrial investment in the state, this active initiative of the Chief Minister is promoting industrial investment in the state.

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