The Cristiano Ronaldo Effect: How Moder Athletes Defying Age, Here’s the Explanation | Ronaldo’s Stamina: How modern footballers are spreading the fire by challenging age?

Cristiano Ronaldo is playing his fifth Football World Cup at the age of 37 and has become the second oldest footballer to score goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo set a world record against Ghana.

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Cristiano Ronaldo created history by making another record on Thursday, 25 November. Ronaldo became the first player in the world to score in five different World Cups with a penalty in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Group H match against Ghana. With another addition to Ronaldo’s record, he is now 37 years old, but still retains the fitness and athleticism required to play at the top level.

New advances in sports science, from the football field to the tennis court, have given new life to athletes, which was unimaginable a decade ago.

How did such a big change happen?

Football players were previously regularly ruled out of the team due to injury at or before the age of 30, but there has been a significant increase in their retirement age. Top scorers in some of Europe’s top leagues are over 30. This year, French striker Karim Benzema was given the Ballon d’Or 2022, the most prestigious award in football. The history of this award is about 66 years old, but at the age of 34, Karim Benzema became the oldest player to win this award.

Fernandinho (37 years) and James Milner (36) played a big role in the Premier League title clash between Manchester City and Liverpool. Zlatan Ibrahimovic may have turned 41, but he played his role in AC Milan winning the Serie-A title.

ronaldo effect

Cristiano Ronaldo is now 37 years old but still in terms of fitness and agility better than someone half his age. At this stage of age, most professional players think of retiring, but they are still capable of scoring goals while ripping through the air.

On being transferred from Real Madrid to Juventus in the year 2018, he said that ‘usually players of my age go to Qatar or China with full respect’.

Ronaldo played against Leon Osman at Old Trafford when the Manchester United star was just 19 years old. The former Everton player told Football Now:

‘He has tremendous stamina, he shows steely power and impact on many occasions during the game, and because of this he prepares himself for the next game because he does not run 13 or 14 kilometers during the match . He is a charismatic footballer in terms of scoring goals through penalties in the match. That’s why I think they are models of what footballers should try to be.

Ronaldo is an amazing footballer at this age. His fitness and strength along with his skill on the field is really worth noting. With the Football World Cup going on, there is no possibility of the Portuguese football star losing his stamina.

The reason for the shocking feats

When Cristiano Ronaldo hit the world stage, many people will remember the lanky teenager’s early interviews. The transformation into the Ronaldo of today has been a long and arduous process, one that has only gotten better and sharper over time. Ronaldo is known to speak out about healthy eating. His anti-Coca-Cola stunt during the European Football Championships is famous, in which he raised a water bottle to indicate that he should drink water instead of soft drinks.

Cristiano is known to be strict with his diet, especially during training. They take small meals every day at an interval of two to four hours. Due to this, their metabolism remains fine and they do not feel hunger or body weakness during the day.

His Portuguese teammate Jose Fonte once told talkSPORT: ‘Obviously, he eats well and clean by the rules. You know about good quinoa and other healthy stuff. A lot of eggs, sweet potatoes, broccoli are included in his diet.

Body fit with regular exercise

The Portuguese star also had quite the impact once he returned to United, as it turned out that desserts became a thing of the past as everyone copied Ronaldo in terms of diet. In addition to his diet, Ronaldo exercised regularly. even do. As seen from his fitness, Ronaldo spends a lot of time in the gym.

Ronaldo himself said about himself that he likes to mix things like warm-up process, cardio, weightlifting and football practice during his workout. Apparently, Ronaldo trains for three to four hours five days a week. During training, Ronaldo does technical exercises, intense cardio sessions and leg exercises. This helps them to stay fit on the field. Nowadays, cardio exercises, weight training and abs workout are the trend in the gym.

Advances in Sports Science

Athletes in the modern era have a lot more advantages than before. Progress made in the field of sports science and technology has given athletes an opportunity to perform better. Apart from this, training of players is given at personal level by a team of experts in different fields. This helps them to perform according to the changing trends in the competitive environment without much effort.

A lot has been done for the player on all these fronts. They take advantage of all the new techniques and technologies while focusing their full time on improving their technical skills.

A lot is done for the player on these fronts. They pay full attention to enhance their technical skills and thus get benefit of all the new techniques and tricks. Nowadays, ambitious sportsmen take full advantage of modern technology to fulfill their dreams. That’s why age is just a number in modern sports, which doesn’t matter.

Advances in sports science and frequent exposure to physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, performance managers and sports psychologists allow new-age athletes to trim their bodies according to their needs.

‘It’s about developing the ability to make decisions for yourself rather than putting pressure on players,’ Matt Reeves, Leicester’s head of fitness and conditioning, told BBC Sports after their Football League debut in 2016.

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– Akshit Joshi