The days of FASTag will be over! Government will collect toll tax from this new technology

GPS based toll collection systems will be installed in place of toll booths. Toll tax will be collected from vehicles plying on highways or expressways with the help of GPS imaging. GPS based toll tax collection already implemented in many European countries

Government will collect toll from new technology on Toll Plaza

The government is working on new technology for toll tax collection. If this is implemented, then FASTag will very soon be the old-fashioned toll tax collection system. The central government is preparing to collect toll tax with the help of GPS satellite technology. Right now all this work is done through FASTag which is mounted on the glass of the vehicle. The FASTag has to be recharged and as soon as the vehicle passes through the toll plaza, the RFID readers on the plaza deduct the money from the FASTag. The driver does not have to do anything in this. According to sources, the satellite-based toll collection system is currently running in a pilot project.

In this new system, toll tax will be collected on the basis of GPS satellite technology. Its special thing will be that you will be charged the same toll tax as the distance you will cover. Toll will be taken for the distance covered on the highway. In March this year, Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had said in the Lok Sabha that the government would remove all toll plaza booths across the country in the next one year. Work is progressing rapidly in this direction.

what did the government say

Nitin Gadkari also informed that GPS based toll collection system will be installed in place of toll booths. Toll tax will be collected from vehicles plying on highways or expressways with the help of GPS imaging. The system of GPS based toll tax collection is already implemented in many European countries and in view of its success, it is to be implemented in India also. In the current rule, the distance of the highway i.e. the distance of a stretch is considered for the calculation of toll tax. It is usually 60 kms and if it is more or less, the tax is also changed accordingly, but 60 kms is considered as standard. If a bridge, culvert or overbridge falls on the same road, then its toll changes.

what will happen in new technology

This will not happen in the new technology because the toll money will be deducted on the basis of the distance your car will cover. For this, work is being done on two technologies. In the first technology, the vehicle will have a GPS tracking system, which will help in deducting toll money directly from the vehicle owner’s bank account through satellite on the highway. The second technique is toll collection through number plates.

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The number plate will have a computerized system for toll which will help in collecting toll with the help of software. In this technique, the point from which the vehicle will enter on the highway, its information will be recorded. After this, the point at which the car will go out of the highway, it will also be registered there. During this, the toll will be deducted from the bank account of the vehicle owner according to the number of kilometers the vehicle will have driven on the highway.