The debate between Virat Kohli and BCCI started 6 months ago

Indian team The recent decision of captain Virat Kohli may shock a lot of people. But, it would not be wrong to say that, its preparation was going on for a long time. The current captain has cited workload management as the reason behind quitting hosting from the T20 format. He says that due to increasing workload, he is leaving the captaincy after the T20 World Cup. His decision is not as easy as it looks.

Discussion on Virat’s captaincy was going on since WTC

In fact, after his poor batting performance in the final of the World Test Championship (WTC), such discussions had intensified that he would soon give up the captaincy of T20. This world is starting from 17th October. Whose final match will be played on November 14. According to a recent report quoted by Cricbuzz, the challenge of the current captain was increasing due to new selectors and changes in coaching.

It is about this year that in February-March, Virat Kohli had to struggle a lot to get Shikhar Dhawan selected in the team for the ODI series against England. The selectors wanted to give a chance to the opener who performed well in the Vijay Hazare Trophy instead of Dhawan. But, the captain was adamant in favor of inclusion of Dhawan in the team.

Had to wait for the announcement of the team against England for 5 days

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After this, even though the selectors had handed over the command of the team to Shikhar Dhawan for the tour of Sri Lanka in the absence of Virat Kohli. But, it took 5 days even after the meeting to announce the team for the limited overs series against the English team in March. At present, sources say that there is no dispute between the captain and the selector. The issue in March is an exception. Whereas those close to the captain say that he does not need to prove anything. The BCCI just wanted to ease some pressure on the captain.

Wanted to give BCCI captain a chance to think

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If the information is to be believed, on Wednesday evening, Virat Kohli has informed the official people about this decision after meeting with BCCI President Sairav ​​Ganguly, Secretary Jay Shah, Chief Selectors. He has made it clear that he will quit the captaincy after the T20 World Cup. So that the selectors and the board can get time to think and hand over the command. However, he made the announcement to leave his captaincy on Thursday.

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