The Diary of West Bengal: Due to the fear of the police, the director of the film arrived late in PC, there was a lot of drama

The Diary Of West Bengal Poster

‘The Diary of West Bengal’ There has been a lot of uproar over the glimpse of West Bengal shown in the trailer. Due to which a legal notice has also been issued against the film director Sanoj Mishra. Recently director Sanoj Mishra had reached for a press conference related to the film. Where a lot of drama was seen before the start of the press conference.

Actually the hall where the PC of the film was to be held. Suddenly police personnel in civil reached there. When the film team got the news of police in civil, they soon went to the director of the film, Sanoj Mishra and gave this information. After getting this news, Sanoj Mishra felt that the police had come there to arrest him. Therefore, fearing arrest, the director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ arrived almost an hour late for the PC.

Sanoj, the director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’, was afraid that the Mumbai Police would arrest him. But the DCP and Oshiwara police told the director over the phone that the police had not come to arrest him but to protect him. After which Sanoj Mishra breathed a sigh of relief. On the other hand, according to the legal notice, the director has been ordered to appear before the West Bengal Police for questioning on May 30.

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According to the notice, the Director has been booked at Kolkata Amherst Street Police Station under section 120B conspiracy, 153A attempt to create enmity between two communities, sections 501, 504, 505, 295A IPC including 66D/84B Information Technology Act 2000 and section 7 Cinematographer Act Case has been registered under 1952. That’s why the director has been asked to appear for questioning.