The election in which 46 people will face 1 lone candidate, even after getting the most votes, the defeat is certain!

Midterm elections are about to be held in California, America’s largest state. About $ 280 million is going to be spent on these elections on September 14. Democratic Party Governor Gavin Newsom’s chair in this state is in danger. Elections were held here in the year 2018 and Newsom got a huge majority at that time. But now Newsom’s situation has deteriorated. Experts are agreeing that Newsom will have to suffer as a result of President Biden’s mistakes.

California is part of the fifth largest economy in the world. There are headquarters of many leading companies here. Gavin Newsom’s term was ending next year, but the elections to be held here before that have increased his problems. However, he is confident that he will win the elections. San Francisco-born Gavin faces a recall vote on Tuesday. This is the second time in California when voters are getting a chance to decide whether the governor should continue in his office or not.

Names filed by 46 candidates

A long time ago many voters started sending their ballots. In this, two questions were asked to the voters – Should Democratic Party Governor Gavin Newsom be removed? If so, who should be appointed in his place? To try his luck in the elections being held, any candidate has to pay a fee of $ 4,200. Recall polls expert Joshua Spivak said that about 46 candidates have filed their names for these elections.

That’s how Arnold became the governor

In 2003, Arnold Schwazenegger, who had worked in films like Hollywood’s Mega Star and Terminator, became governor under this process. He was the last Republican governor of this state and since then it has been occupied by the Democratic Party. In the recall vote, the ballot requires the signature of 12 percent of the total voters. Out of which the signatures of voters living in five important big counties (villages) are also required. When the date of voting is fixed, 59 days before that, those candidates have to give their names who will replace the current governor.

Even after winning, there will be defeat

Newsom’s approval ratings are good, but many experts believe their path is difficult. In ballots that ask whether Newsom should be removed, he needs to get more than half the vote. All 46 candidates in front of Newsom are from the Republican Party. University of California Governor Jim Newton has said that it is very difficult for a Republican to win in such elections.

This can definitely be an easy way to become a governor in the coming times. If Jim Newton is to be believed, there is a 49 percent chance that Newsom will win, but there is also a possibility that he will lose to the candidate who has got only 18 to 19 percent of the vote. He has described such voting as the biggest drawback in the recall vote.

Why are there elections in California?

According to US media, 5 recall petitions were filed against Newsom, influenced by former President Donald Trump. All these were rejected. But when the sixth petition was filed against him, then the recall vote was approved. The petition was filed on behalf of retired sheriff’s Sergeant Orin Hitley and his accomplice from California.

Orrin, 52, filed a petition against Newsom on the basis of an old video. In this, Newsom was seen instructing some immigrants not to open the door to any police officer unless he had a warrant. Orin considered it an insult to the policemen.

Newsom’s difficulties may increase

Newsom hopes to benefit from President Biden during the coronavirus pandemic. But his own image is very bad. A photograph of him without a mask had gone viral, due to which he could be harmed. At that time, he had the advantage of breaking the Kovid protocol. There is a lot of resentment among the people of California about Newsom.

People are angry with him that people do not have a house to live in the state but they are not able to do anything. At the same time, inflation is increasing. At the same time, there was a lot of fraud in the allowance given for unemployment in the name of Kovid relief. Due to this allowance, there has been a lot of financial burden on the people of California.

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