The father of the girl who complained against Pearl V Puri said with folded hands – please let the law take its course

Naagin 3 fame actor Pearl V Puri is arrested for raping a girl child. The husband of an actress who worked with Pearl has complained against Pearl. Many celebs have supported Pearl including Ekta Kapoor, Hina Khan and Divya Khosla Kumar.

Now on behalf of the girl’s father, his lawyer has issued a statement and kept his words. He has told the whole thing that when and how he filed a complaint against Pearl.

The lawyer said, ‘I am Mr. Ashish A. Dubey, the lawyer of the father of the 5-year-old girl, issuing the statement on behalf of my client. The 5-year-old girl was in the custody of her mother and for 5 months the father was not in contact with his child. One day when the father went to school to pay the fees for the girl, the girl ran to her father. She told her father that she was very scared and wanted to go with them. Seeing the girl scared, the father then took the child to his house.

After this, going to the house, the girl told the whole thing to her father. After this the father immediately went to the police station and after the medical examination of the girl at Nair Hospital, it was confirmed that whatever the girl told is true. The girl gave the onscreen name of the accused as Raghbir. If his father did not watch TV shows, he could not recognize him. After further investigation, it was found that Pearl V Puri plays Raghbir. When the girl was shown the photos of some actors, she refused. After this, when Pearl’s photo was shown, the girl recognized it.

After this the police questioned the girl and the girl again got her statement recorded. I want to clear some points from my client side-

1. The girl along with her father came for help and my client went to the police station to help her daughter and got her medical done. Is this wrong or a crime?

2. My client never took anyone’s name, only the girl revealed Pearl’s name.

3. The girl’s mother was also called to the hospital at the time of medical and she was present there. Why would a 5 year old girl lie?

4. What the girl told came in the medical report, then the discussion was unnecessary because my client did this because of the matter of his marriage.

My client is a middle class man and he is upset to hear the allegations against himself because he is fighting alone for the girl child. I want to get justice for my 5 year old daughter. All I have to say to everyone with folded hands of my client is to let the law take its course.

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