The film ‘Gurudakshina’ is no less than a gift, is making a splash on the internet

In the Corona crisis, people’s lives have become a bit busy for a long time. People are still afraid to step out of the house without any important work. In such a situation, people are slowly getting away from films full of good entertainment. Meanwhile, a great film has been presented, which is no less than a gift for the people.

Yes, the time elapsed due to the Corona crisis has been full of challenges for the teachers. In this era of epidemic, he had to understand the Internet world better. Which was not easy for him, but he changed himself with time and need. With this, he is now showing a new path to the students.

The new generation understands and speaks this language too. The teachers had to work very hard for this. Seeing this hard work, Classplus has produced the short movie Guru Dakshina.

how is this special film

This 4.20 minute film shows the true and selfless bond between teacher and student. Staying attached to the values ​​and teachings of their teachers, students bring the biggest smile of achievement, love and happiness on their teacher’s face as they share the app of ‘Gurukul Sansthan’ with their teacher in the form of Gurudakshina. The film has been viewed more than 1.50 crore times on YouTube so far.

In this, a teacher encourages the students to move forward. In return, his disciples give him Gurudakshina. Under this mission, ClassPlus also made students realize the role a teacher plays in their lives. From laying the foundation for learning to developing a love for it.

Teachers always make extra efforts to make difficulties easier for their students. Now it is the turn of the students to join hands with ClassPlus to help them meet the challenge before the teachers. With the help of ClassPlus, to a large extent, students are also successful in this.

In the end, as there is a line from the film, which makes the most impact, it is, ‘Ho Zindagi ki equation is difficult, we will reach the solution and show it’. Students are attracted by this line.

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