The film may not have depth, but there is no depth in the opinion of the people who reject it.

This story by Shakun Batra had endless possibilities to explore the depths of life and relationships. It could have been an exceptional Hindi film. But despite not having that, it is one of the best Hindi films released on the OTT platform this year and last year.

movie depths

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Shakun Batra’s new film Gaheiyaan released on Amazon Prime has been almost unanimously rejected on social media. Most of the people’s opinion about the film is just negative. People are joking too. As much as the chaos and complexity is in the story of the film, not even one percent of it is in the opinion of the people about the film.

Rai is one sided, straightforward, one liner – the film is garbage. Talk over.

However, when you approach this film with memories of Kapoor & Sons, you are going with a lot of expectations. With the remembrance of the amount of noise and calm, the amount of hustle and bustle that Batra had shown in Kapoor & Sons simultaneously, the expectations from the film are very high and the film does not even fully live up to that expectation. It disappoints at times. But this film does not deserve to be rejected in one voice like this.

It has been a few days since the film was released. A lot of people must have seen the film too. That’s why we are not narrating the story of the film. Just trying to decode some of its unseen, hidden, complex and multi-layered aspects.

Childhood Trauma

Though Hindi has a long history of depicting the hero’s childhood story, childhood struggles and tragedy, it is perhaps the first film that explores the effects of childhood trauma on adult life in such depth. Alisha and Tia’s difficult and complicated childhood memories, mishaps and tragedies never leave them behind. Many times we feel that we have moved ahead by leaving the past behind, but in reality this is not the case.


movie depths

All those memories are alive in our subconscious and are also governing our present life. We just don’t realize it. Alisha’s anxiety, fear, insecurity, loneliness, all have their roots in childhood insecurities, fears and loneliness. As Dr. Gabor Mate says, trauma is not what happened to us in childhood. Trauma is what happened within us as a result of events. Changes in our entire nervous system and inner wiring.

Shakun Batra has tried to capture that childhood trauma very closely and beautifully.

life’s case

It’s hard to find suitable Hindi words for KOs. You may say chaos, disturbance, chaotic scattered life, but in no word does that deep meaning sound, which is heard by listening to the word Chaos. There is a lot of Casas in the life of every character of this film. Just like there is Cas in our lives. Difficulties, ups and downs and ups and downs. Nothing is straight and easy. No one knows why he does what he does.

Why do we sometimes choose the difficult path for ourselves, leaving the straight, easy path? Why can’t we solve our problems, when the person looking from outside and from afar finds it very easy to solve them. But the one who gets entangled in that place at that time, he gets more confused. If you think, if Alisha and Karan, Tia and Jane kept walking on the straight path of relationship, then there would not have been so much chaos in life.

Gahraiyan 3

movie depths

But there can be no straight and ethical answer to this crooked question. Every answer is difficult, we complicate the answer. Man’s desires, desires, dreams, intentions, mysteries within the mind, all are not things that can fit into the straight line of truth and morality. Human beings are complex and every time Shakun unravels the same complexity in his story with great detail and simplicity.

Camera is not a camera sitting far away, it is a friend sitting next to it

The biggest feature of this film is its camera work. The camera usually captures the characters, the characters in such a way that they are the characters sitting away from the camera, there is some incident happening somewhere far away. The camerawork of this film is as if sitting between the story and the characters themselves. The camera has infiltrated the lives of the characters. By entering among them, joining them has become one of them. On the screen, we see the story and characters as if we are not far away in our room, as if sitting next to them in their room and watching the events happen. The creativity, style and depth of camera work has been seen on a different level in this film. Although this is Shakul’s miracle. The depth and skill with which he films the cause, the case of the story starts to look like the case of our lives. It becomes part of us.


movie depths

story ends in the end

The biggest problem of this story is that he could not handle the ambitious plot that he had taken for a long time. The strings of the story started getting lost. This film, which shows the tangle of relationships of complicated life, does not need to be a murder mystery. Without going on that path, the story could have chosen some other path, some other destination for itself. But in trying to do something different, by the end of the day, the film deviated from its path and that was the only point where it became weak. Otherwise, this story of Shakun Batra had endless possibilities to explore the depth of life and relationships. It could have been an exceptional Hindi film. But despite not having that, it is one of the best Hindi films released on the OTT platform this year and last year.