The fire was raining from the sky of San Antonio, people were packed in a chubby truck at a temperature of 39, 46 died and what was left turned out to be hot like a pan

Bodies found inside truck in San Antonio

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US Texas San Antonio: The bodies of 46 people have been found inside a truck in Texas, USA, the reason behind the death of all is said to be scorching heat. While about 16 people have been found in a sick state.


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Jun 28, 2022 | 3:36 pm

US Southwest Texas (San Antonio IncidentAt least 46 people were found dead inside a truck in San Antonio on Monday and 16 others were hospitalized. You can guess how scary this scene will be, from the fact that the survivors in the truck were screaming for help. It was fortunate that a person present there heard his voice. As soon as he came here, he saw a dead body lying on the ground. After which the police (Texas Truck Incident) was informed of the incident. Let us know about this incident in 10 points.

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  1. 46 people have died due to scorching heat. The 16 people who are admitted to the hospital have also fallen ill due to the heat, in which 12 are adults and four are children. When these people were removed from the truck, their body was burning and there was no water at all.
  2. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg says several families were also present in the truck. Those who probably went out in search of a better life. This incident is nothing less than a horrific human tragedy.
  3. The driver of the truck disappeared leaving him (truck) at an isolated place. There was no arrangement for air to enter the truck. Because of which people could not save themselves from the heat.
  4. The weather in San Antonio is very hot these days. The temperature had reached 39.4 degree Celsius on Monday. It is believed that the cause of death of the victims was due to excessive heat and lack of water in the body.
  5. The incident is suspected to be related to smuggling of migrants. Maybe these people have been brought to America illegally. San Antonio is located 160 miles (250 km) from the Mexican border.
  6. Police Chief William McManus said three people had been taken into custody, but it was not clear whether they were linked to human trafficking.
  7. The Investigation Unit of the US Department of Homeland Security has warned the San Antonio Police about human trafficking. The matter will be investigated from this angle.
  8. US officials say they are doing their best to stop migrants crossing the Mexican border.
  9. It could be the deadliest tragedy in the past few decades, with thousands of people trying to cross the US border from Mexico.
  10. In 2017, 10 migrants died after being trapped inside a truck parked at a Walmart in San Antonio. In 2003, 19 migrants were found in a truck southeast of San Antonio.