The fulfillment of the dream of a job in government banks will now be more difficult, what is the reason for this?

While 7,858 posts were filled last year under the Common Recruitment Program for recruitment in public sector banks, this year the number has come down to only 6,035.

jobs in public sector banks

There is a bad news for the people who are looking for jobs in government banks. Due to the merger of the branches of the banks, the government banks have their own jobs are cut in. You can understand this with a figure.. Under the Common Recruitment Program for recruitment in public sector banks, where 7,858 posts were filled last year, this year this number has come down to only 6,035. Similarly, the number of posts recruited in RRB i.e. Regional Rural Bank also decreased from 6,898 to 4,567.

Jobs in government banks may decrease further

One of the major reasons for such reduction of jobs is the reduction in recruitment by the country’s largest bank State Bank of India. There may be further reduction in this, it may also happen that the recruitment may stop completely. This is because SBI is going to start a separate company for HR related issues to reduce its expenses. This operation and support subsidiary of SBI has recently received in-principal approval from RBI. Initially, this company will manage employees in bank branches in rural and semi-urban areas. All the employees who will be appointed by State Bank Operation Support Services ie SBOSS will be on contract basis. That is, you will not get a permanent job in banks too. Employees who are appointed on contract basis will not get all the benefits that SBI employees get. After SBI, it may be possible that other government banks also do the same, that is, gradually government jobs in banks can be abolished.

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Loss of jobs due to cost-cutting measures

If we go ahead with SBI, experts say that due to the merger of banks and cost-cutting measures, there has been a decrease in recruitment in recent years. Apart from this, people are increasingly using digital channels, that is, doing online transactions, and due to this, the number of people turning to bank branches for work has also decreased, especially in urban areas. ..Banks are also merging their branches and due to all these reasons banks are reducing new recruitment.. We talked about merger of banks and merger of their branches.. In recent years many other banks in big banks. Merger was done.. For example in SBI alone many banks including State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala were merged. After this, the branches of the banks were also merged.. and this is the reason why the recruitment is being reduced.