The girl lost her heart to the fan of RCB, expressed her love for the team by sitting on her knees in the LIVE match

Girl proposes to Royal Challengers Bangalore fan in LIVE match

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Two hearts were also seen meeting during the match against Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore in Pune. An RCB fan was publicly proposed by his girlfriend on his knees.

against Chennai Super Kings Royal Challengers Bangalore (Royal Challengers Bangalore) Before her victory made headlines, the love story of one of her fans caught everyone’s attention. The competition was on. The result was not even out yet that a fan of RCB present in the stadium of Pune. (RCB Fan) But the girl lost her heart. He expressed his love for her. She got down on her knees and proposed. In most cases, the work of sitting on the knees is done by the boys. But, here the case was reversed. For the fan of RCB, his girlfriend was seen sitting on her knees openly expressing her love. One thing is clear, this love would not have happened in the LIVE match. Its series must have been long, which has led to Chennai and Bangalore in the stadium. (CSK vs RCB) Amidst the excitement of the match has taken a new flight.

It is said that love does not hide. And then their love was on air. Every camera installed on the field was now captured every glimpse of this loving couple. How did the two see each other? The girl got down on her knees and proposed her boyfriend, who was a fan of RCB. How he accepted the proposal and then hugged the girl. This fasana of their love proved to be lucky for the team, because in a very important match, he had started winning the match.

Two hearts met in CSK vs RCB match

The picture of the girl proposing to the boyfriend in the live match made everyone his own. The veteran cricketers doing the commentary of the match were also seen talking about their love. Former India cricketer Wasim Jaffer has even tweeted and said that if this RCB fan is loyal to his team, then he will not cheat his partner either.

This love needs some time to come to the results of what Wasim Jaffer said. But, for the time being, it is enough to know that this tale of love seen by an RCB fan has been lucky for his team. He got double happiness, when first love was found and then his team also saw the victory.

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Such proposals happened during the match earlier also

Such love has been expressed on the cricket field in the past as well. Even before such pictures have surfaced during IPL. And, everyone has also made headlines. We will hope that this love-story of RCB fans, which started from the cricket field, goes a long way, just like his team has to do for the title win in IPL 2022.