The Great Resignation: 86 percent of Indian employees may resign from their jobs in the next six months, what is the reason?

A large number of Indians are going to resign from their jobs

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According to recruitment agency Michael Page, about 86 percent of Indian employees are planning to resign in the next 6 months.

The Great Resignation: Do you want your job (JobsWant to quit and start something of your own? Do you want to start a business or pursue a hobby? Or do you want to travel and understand yourself better? If you think so, then you don’t need to panic, aren’t you the only one who thinks so? According to recruitment agency Michael Page, about 86 percent of Indian employees are planning to resign in the next 6 months. This is happening at a time when the era of The Great Reconnaissance has started again.

Indians are now focusing on their family and everyone’s recovery. According to Michael Page’s report, 61 percent of employees in India are ready to accept a lower salary and then increase or get a promotion. They believe that in this way they will be able to balance their professional and personal life. Referring to the resignation in his report titled The Great X, Michael Page said, ‘According to our data, this has been happening not only for the last two years, which started with the Kovid epidemic. At the same time, now in 2022 it is going to happen at a faster pace.

Why do people want to resign?

According to the report, this trend is going to be seen in all industries, markets and different age groups. It said, ‘A clear majority is showing that talent migration is also going to be seen in the next few months. We should be ready to increase it. According to the report, there are five main reasons for the resignation. This includes change in career role or industry, unhappiness with salary, career progression, unsatisfactory company strategy or direction. Based on a survey conducted among 12 countries, the report said that the number of employees planning to leave the job is mostly from India. It is followed by Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

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